Ambriel, Kyriotate Master of Divine Knowledge (Seraph), Angel of Hackers

By Perry Lloyd


"You're only as good as the system you hack." --MDFMK

Corporeal Forces: 4 (Body hits: 32)
Strength: 8
Agility: 10
Ethereal Forces: 6 (Mind hits: 72)
Intelligence: 12
Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 6 (Soul hits: 72)
Will: 12
Perception: 12

Skills: Comp. Op/6, Hacking/6, Detect Lies/4, Electronics/4, Fast-talk/5, Area Knowledge (the internet)/6, Knowledge (business politics/6, international politics/6), Languages (Japanese/4, French/4, Chinese/4, Arabic/4), Savoir-Faire/4, Tactics (hacking)/5, Tracking (internet)/6, whatever else the GM requires.

Songs: Affinity (cele/4), Artifacts (all/3), Calling (corp/4), Charm (corp/6, ethe/6), Forbidding (ethe/4), Ice (ethe/4), Machines (all/6), Nemesis (cele/4), Nimbus (corp/4, ethe/5), Projection (corp/5), Revulsion (cele/6), Shields (corp/4), Tongues (corp/4, cele/3).

Attunements and Distinctions: Master of Divine Knowledge (Seraphim resonance), Friend of the Sages, Vassal of Destiny, Seraphim of Destiny, Mercurians of Destiny, Ofanim of Destiny, Divine Destiny, Divine Logic, Forgetful Words, Library Card (rarely used, btw)

"To hack is to make information public. To make information public is to grant the common person power. To grant the common person power is to allow them the potential to do something useful with power or to abuse it. Either way, they must grow and develop. Either way, they are forced to make life-changing decisions.

"To hack is to take power away from those who have taken it unjustly from the common person. They have taken their power, not by force, but by taking advantage of the common person's lack of knowledge and lack of motivation. They haven't kept knowledge away from the common person, they've just kept the common person distracted with base-ball cards, sports, computer games, cable and satellite TV, news that keeps them afraid, drugs, fashion, anything to distract them from persuing the Truth about the people who are gathering power and using it to control the markets and increase their influence.

"Who cares about corporate mergers when the newest episode of your favorite television progamming is on. Who cares what the Truth behind a military conflict is, the TV will tell us which side to be on. Won't it? The truth is that money is no longer based on gold, it's based on faith and little tiny numbers that are shifted around. The truth is that no one is in control, only fighting for it and keeping the average person complacent, not through torture and fear, but through feeding the common person the myth of democracry, the myth that big money doesn't hold sway over our politicians, the myth that the justice system works for the comman man and not big money. The job of a hacker is to reveal the system for what is it. The job of a hacker is to uncover the truth, to make information free for all because knowledge is power and power belongs in all hands, to separate the capable from the incapable.

"To hack is not to face the rules of a system head on, for that is destruction. To hack a system is to use its own rules against it, to find the nooks and crannies. To hack a system is to use that system. To hack is to bring giants to their knees and beg for forgiveness. To hack is to brings truth and justice to the world. To hack is not to poison a system, to hack is not to destroy a system, to hack is show the system for what it is, to turn it inside out and discover the truth of the corruption or purity within. That is to hack.

"Those who hack for person benefit are not hackers, they're pirates and parasites. I oppose such devils and give them the opportunity to choose whose side they're fighting for - power or power for all. The Forces of Greed, or the Forces of Good.

"Heaven cannot afford to allow the Hackers of Earth to go without a Divine patron for much longer."

--Ambriel, at his hearing before the Seraphim council, petitioning for his Word.


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