archiel, kyriotate friend of beasts, angel of cockroaches

By Moe Lane


moes busy you see
the keyboard is free
and i know that he wont mind


corporeal forces 6
strength 12
agility 12
ethereal forces 4
intelligence 8
precision 8
celestial forces 5
will 10
perception 10
word forces 8

skills artistry/1 writing climbing/2 dodge/6 fighting/3 move silently/2 scurrying/2 tactics/2 tracking/2

songs beasts corporeal/4 ethereal/3 calling corporeal/3 darkness ethereal/1 entropy ethereal/1 form corporeal/3 healing corporeal/3 light celestial/4 motion ethereal/1 nightmares celestial/1 numinous corpus/3 acid pestilence all/1 revulsion ethereal/1 shadows corporeal/1 shields all/2 submission corporeal/3

attunements kyriotate of animals call of the wild animal magnetism friend of beasts angel of cockroaches

angel of cockroaches archiel can automatically possess any cockroach without needing to roll duration = celestial forces x hours also archie adds its celestial forces to its move silently and scurrying - fine, running - skills


save a cockroach from certain death
useable twice per day

i used to work
for makatiel
he wasnt very nice and i
wasnt very nice either

after he went away
i did things
not nice things
never nice things
i didnt know any better

then i met mehitabel

i wasnt nice to her either
she saw something in me
that was nice and
she made me see it too


so when i
finally went to heaven
and i saw how many
things that needed doing
because of me and others
who werent nice
i pitched in

jordi took me in
because of mehitabel
and because the others
wouldnt because they
remembered about me and matakiel
not being nice

he gave me a chance
and im making him proud
because i keep an eye
or twenty
on things down here
and make sure that all of
creatures arent hurt by
those who arent nice

so now im sitting here
on this keyboard
so that i can tell you that
you should always give others a chance
even if theyre dirty or smelly
or not nice at all
theres always more than meets the eye

also, i wanted to tell you that
we appreciate the thought
but you really should take out the trash



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