Arelim: the Valiant

By Erich Arendall


"Fall, damn you! Fall!"

Zane felt the bullets strike his body as the Hellsworn on the other end of the gun pulled the trigger without hesitation or mercy. He knew that his corporeal form could little more. "I am not damned, and though you may slay my body I will never Fall," he said through gritted teeth. Let the man who served demons think on that and pray for repentance before retribution was brought on him.

In a day when where political correctness rules and the best way to end a disagreement is by agreeing the Arelim stick out like a sore thumb. They were created when man was at war constantly and the War itself was still being fought, not locked in an endless stalemate. The Valiant seek action, passion and blood and they won't stop until they get some. Even if it's their own. For them, "do or do not," is not just a quote, it is a creed, it is their lifeblood.


An Arelim's resonance is for valiance, a strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness. Their connection with they Symphony allows them to withstand more than any other angels of the same stature. An Arelim does not quit until he has been put down. And once he can get back up, his aggressor should watch his own.

Their doggedness and bloody-mindedness, especially when it comes to battle, put them on ill footing with the generally more political Mercurian. Even a Malakite has stepped back and whistled in awe of this small choir's ability to take more than they can dish out.


It is dissonant for one of the Valiant to quit or give up. On anything. Arelim will argue until they've won or the other gives up, they will fight (often dirty) until dead, and once they've accepted a challenge, they will persevere until the challenge is gone one way or another. Arelim gain dissonance by quitting any task they've begun. Because of this, they are not known for volunteering for a task they know they can not handle.

Manner and Appearance

In their celestial forms, Arelim look like a tongue of white fire, and emit a mild phosphoric heat that refuses to die out.

No matter what shape an Arelim takes, he will never appear soft. Instead, the Arelim seem to cultivate a hard-boiled and tough appearance, even if their vessel is that of a butterfly.

In every realm the Valiant are obstinate, but they aren't stupid. They're very careful about what they choose to do, and sometimes come across as aloof as they walk the wire of do or do not. They're fond of competition and trials. Not all of them concentrate solely in the arts martial or the physical, either. Many prefer to focus on the battlefields of debate, survival and, with the advent of computers, the digital realm. They are the of power chords the Symphony, relentless and non-stop.

Game Mechanics

Arelim have the ability to take a hit and keep on coming. On a successful resonance roll (using Will not Perception) the angel will gain CD additional Forces (up to a total of 6) worth of Hits for the realm he is in for a number of minutes equal to his Celestial Forces. The Arelim's ties to the Symphony do not give them extra Forces, only the Hits those Forces would bring.

Once the minutes of an Arelim's resonance have passed the extra "partial" Forces will vanish, and the damage they have taken will spread through them, multiple times. Some of the unwise Arelim find themselves with less Forces they had as a Reliever from time to time.

Choir Attunement

When Michael puts an Arelim on earth, he wants that angel to stay there. For this reason, all Arelim are granted a level 6 vessel, helping to insure that they won't be leaving the corporeal realm any time soon -- unless by choice.


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