Baraquel, Outcast Grigori Angel of Silence

By James Walker


Outcast Grigori of Judgement in the Patronage of Song

Corporeal Forces: 4
Strength: 4
Agility: 12

Ethereal Forces: 6
Intelligence: 12
Precision: 12

Celestial Forces: 6
Will: 12
Perception: 12

Word Forces: 16

Vessels: Elderly Human Male/4, Role (Carthusian Monk)/6

Skills: Artistry (Appreciate Art/2, Appreciate Music/4, Calligraphy/6), Climbing/1, Detect Lies/4, Dodge/2, Emote/6, Escape/1, Knowledge (Administration/2, Eastern Philoosphy/6, Christian Theology/6), Languages (Aramaic/4, Babylonian/1, Latin/6, Written New Testament Greek/6, Written Biblical Hebrew/5), Medicine/1, Meditation/6, Move Silently/Mastery, Savoir-Faire/1, Singing/6, Survival(Wilderness)/5, Tactics/1, Tracking/2.

Songs: Healing(Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3, Celestial/6), Motion(Celestial/5), Silence/Virtuoso, Submission/Virtuoso.

Attunements: Grigori of Judgement, Ofanite of Judgement, Malakite of Judgement, Incarnate Law, Advocate, Warder, Partial Celestial Connection(Song), Inner Quiet, the Angel of Silence.

Special Rites: Spend a day without speaking or in peaceful meditation [+3 essence]; Quietly and gratefully appreciate beauty for an hour; Spend an hour in silent prayer [replace the essence spend on the prayer, to a maximum of 3 points]; spend a day without creating a disturbance [weird rite: all essence gained that day is funnelled into the nearest potential Divine Tether. This does not increase the likelihood of a Tether forming but does draw the Tether Heavenwards.]

Special Abilities: Baraqel may opt to not create a Disturbance by taking Soul hits equal to the disturbance in damage; Can detect Disturbances masked by the Skulker resonance or Humanity attunement; possesses the Move Silently Skill at Mastery level; and grants the Inner Quiet attunement.

Inner Quiet Attunement: each day the possessor of this attunement spends without speaking or creating a Disturbance he gains +1 to detect Disturbances to a maximum bonus equal to his total Forces (for Baraqel, include his Word Forces). The bonus is kept until the character creates a disturbance. Baraqel has granted this attunement to many Soldiers of Song; they tend to be very skilled at Focused Efforts.

Created soon after the Fall, Baraqel earned the Word of Silence after discovering the Songs of Silence. A Servitor of Dominic, he believed that the best way to further his Superior's Word was by respecting confidences, and being a helpful friend whom people could explain their troubles to - and then use their own judgement to decide what was appropriate. The corruption of the Grigori proved him wrong; his failure to speak out prevented (in his mind) the chance to correct the situation before it was too late. At the trial he asked that the sentence of the rest of Choir be mitigated and his own worsened, to reflect his failure. Dominic considered his request, and refused it, sentencing Baraqel impartially with the rest of his Choir.

No tale tells of what Baraqel did over the long millennia which passed after the Trial. He appeared to Heaven's warriors on occasion, warning of demonic threats, but otherwise he disappeared. He finally came to Heaven's notice when he joined the Carthusians during the 12th Century. There he has remained ever since, watching over the Order and responding to Infernal threats.

Baraqel's need to respond to diabolical threats without revealing himself or speaking makes him an unnerving source of information. He will appear in his monk's robes, either out of thin air (with CelMotion) or by walking through a wall (with CorpSubmission) and indicate that the angels should follow him, until he can point out the threat and then vanish. The fact that none of this causes Disturbance, and the lack of any performance ritual, tends to unnerve other angels. Occasionally he will leave a note - written in Medieval calligraphy on vellum. He generally prefers dealing with an Infernal threat himself, rather than calling in the Host; however minor matters, or those which require diplomacy, he will delegate.


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