Barbie, Mercurian Vassal of Kids, the Angel of Entertainment

By Charles E. Smith


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 12
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 3
Will: 4
Perception: 8

Word Forces: 12

Attunements: Mercurian of Children, Mercurian of Stone, Elohite of Children, Malakite of Children, Cold Touch, Vassal of Kids, Angel of Entertainment*.

Angel of Entertainment: In the presence of that which entertains a child, Barbie can use Songs without expending Essence.

Songs: Attraction (Ethereal)/4, Charm (all)/5, Dreams (Corporeal, Celestial)/3, Location (Corporeal, Ethereal)/3, Light (Ethereal, Celestial)/4, Motion (Corporeal, Celestial)/3, Empathy (all)/5, Tongues (all)/4, Nimbus (all)/2, Harmony (Corporeal, Ethereal)/5, Nemesis (all)/3.

Vessel: Barbie Doll/level 1 (Charisma: 3); Young woman/6 (Charisma: 3)

Role: "Barbie Doll", Model, child charity advocate, Status: 6

Appearance (Corporeal): In corporeal form, Barbie appears as a Caucasian woman in her late teens or very early twenties. She has flowing, curly blonde hair, deep blue eyes set in a pale-complexioned face, and a wide smile. She stands at 5'7" in her human form (1 foot in doll form), with a perfectly proportioned, curvaceous body. Typically, she dresses like any ordinary teenager, though she is known to don special clothes and accessories on occassion.

Appearance (Celestial): As above, in her human form, except for the feathery white wings, golden halo, and angelic appearance.

History: Barbie fledged as a Mercurian of Stone in 767 A.D. after much vacilitating. She was torn between becoming a Cherub and a Mercurian, but ultimately felt that she could best serve humanity as a Friend of Man.

From her early days, she found herself paired with an enthuasastic little Cherub named Christopher, who seemed bound and determined to help the children of the world. The two became fast friends, mostly because Barbie thought he was such a cute little Guardian. She enjoyed teasing Christopher, but she admired his dedication too.

Barbie was not surprised when Christopher became the Angel of Children. She had suspected that he would go for that Word. But to go from Wordbound to Archangel is a difficult road, and Barbie was glad to help Christopher as one of his first servants. She helped to lay down some of the early groundwork for Children (i.e. recruiting other angels, helping the young, doing the legwork, etc.), and became one of Christopher's most valued Servitors as well as friends.

In the early 1950s, Barbie had an idea. Nybbas, the Prince of the Media, was starting to grow in power as television came into its own, and Christopher was beginning to worry about the negative effects the Media could have on the young. Seeing how things were getting marketed on the television, Barbie had an idea. She consulted with Christopher and with David, and got permission to take on a mortal form as a toy doll. It was her hope that the doll, if properly marketed, would unify a generation of children behind a good, Heavenly role model and keep them out of the corrupting clutches of the Media. David was a little dubious of the idea, but he went with it eventually.

Thus, Barbie Dolls came to be one of the most popular and enduring symbols of American culture, and Barbie used her influence to steer many children in a better direction. As she put it, she was not only sticking it to that bastard Nybbas, she was also helping to promote the Heavenly protection of the young. It came as little surprise to many that when Christopher became the Archangel of Children in 1978, Barbie left Stone to join his service. Nor was it a surprise that Christopher automatically gave her his Vassal Distinction, seeing as they had know each other for so long. The surprise came in 1981, when Barbie asked the Seraphim Council for the Word of Entertainment, claiming that Nybbas was growing too powerful in the area of marketing to the young. With Christopher's support, she successfully argued that snatching Entertainment from under the Media's nose would undermine his power. The more militant Superiors were quick to see the tactical advantages and promptly made Barbie the Angel of Entertainment.

Of course, Nybbas has fired back over the years, using his great resources to warp and alter the perception of what entertainment is. Still, Barbie valiantly struggles on, doing her best to weaken the grasp of the Media.

Personality: A friendly but no-nonsense sort, Barbie is rather blunt for a Mercurian. Fashionable and sociable, Barbie always makes a good impression, but her tendency to shoot her mouth off first and ask questions later is considered a flaw by some. You always know exactly where you stand with her, and she doesn't care who you are when she speaks her mind. She is very informal and doesn't usually bother with all the scraping and bowing one might expect of a celestial to a Superior. She once called Dominic by his name with no honorifics and no attempt to acknowledge his title. Even her own Superior is treated casually. After all, as she'll gladly point out, she's known Christopher since he was just a little Cherub of Stone, so why would she possibly bother with all that formality nonsense with him?

Around children, however, Barbie becomes a loving, doting big sister figure. She is not ashamed to show her affection for the young or to spend time playing with them or listening to their troubles. It's why she took up service to the Word of Children, and she'll be damned if she lets the likes of Hell corrupt even one of her charges without a fight.


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