Carmelim: The Harvesters

By WonderGecko


The field is white, all ready to harvest - thrust in your sickle and reap!

"This is never going to work," he confided to me with a sigh. "I've finished the plan, I've mapped everything out, but I just don't know how we'll ever have the project completed in two weeks."

I frowned and took the papers from him, flipping through them carefully. They were complete; very thorough, in fact. That was good of him, and he shouldn't have been so hopeless as all that. "Wasn't Phyllis working on something very similar?"

He looked up from studying a paperweight morosely. "I thought she was, but she never told me she had completed anything-"

"That's all right, really," I interrupted. I couldn't be too cheerful now, it would only get him excited and he'd waste all that ready Essence in the exuberance. We had to get the goods in first. "It looks to me like all you need is a few more people assigned, ah -" I riffled through the papers, and extended an outline toward him. "- here. And some more equipment. If you scavenge from her project, you'll have everything you need and we'll be done with a day to spare."

Having a garden is a wonderful thing, really - but where would you be if you never brought in the fruits of your labors? Sure, there's something to be said for letting fields lie fallow - but humanity doesn't like allowing the crops to rot on the vine.

That's where the Carmelim come in.


The Carmelite resonance is for completion, whether it be a literal crop of fruit ready for harvest, or for a fully complete plan for a merger, or a human achieving her Destiny (or Fate!). They know, merely by looking at something (or into the eyes of someone), if it's complete and 'ready for harvest'. The degree to which they realize this is determined by the CD of their resonance roll; a failed roll gives the Carmelite no information at all about the completion or lack thereof of something.

Carmelite Check Digit Results

Each CD gives the Carmelite the information of the CDs below.

  1. You know that something is complete and ready for harvest - although you may not know why. (E.g., a person may have reached either his Destiny or his Fate; the Carmelite will not know which.)
  2. You know in what way something is 'complete', and what might be required to 'harvest' it. (E.g., bring in all the fruit, kill someone to complete his Fate, etc.)
  3. You know one thing that will be vital to bringing in the harvest, person, object, or location, and a rough estimate of how long it might take to bring the harvest in.
  4. You have a better estimate of how much time a harvest will take, and two of the nearest things that would be helpful or vital to getting the harvest in.
  5. You know most of what the harvest will require and where to find it, as well as an excellent estimate of how long it will take.
  6. You know the name and location of ALL the resources required for the most effective harvest, and exactly how much time the harvest will take - both with and without the needed resources.


It is dissonant for Carmelim to waste during a harvest. Using resources inefficiently or failing to bring in as much of the harvest as possible causes dissonance for these practical angels; the more they waste, the worse. Carmelim who get a taste for slap-dash jobs tend to spiral down into Hell's service as the destructive Hirami. These angels tend to be leery of destruction in the course of their jobs, as massive explosions and gross property damage tend to consume needed resources. Whenever a Carmelite expends Essence frivolously (GM discretion - blowing extra Essence to improve a roll that's not critical could be considered 'frivolous', I suppose.), they take a note of Dissonance. Destruction by itself is not dissonant for a Carmelite, but destroying a resource they need or destroying a part of a harvest is.

Manner and Appearance

The Carmelim are very practical angels. Perishingly so. Their resonance requires it of them, really - to be truly effective at bringing in the harvest, they can't afford to be flighty creatures. Your average Carmelite has a steadiness that many a Cherub would approve of--and there are some individuals who are even more emotionless than Elohim, though that's an unfair judgment. It's not that Carmelim don't get excited over anything - they just see it as a frivolous waste of energy. Consequently, they get along least well with the Ofanim - it would be wrong not to acknowledge that the Wheels have their place, but Carmelim simply do not understand how so much energy can be wasted on speed. Their dissonance conditions mean that the average Carmelite is careful to the point of neurosis about keeping paperwork and tracking resources - Marc loves these angels.

Their vessels tend to be the most 'efficient' for the Role. Sometimes, this means extravagance, if it's needed, but more often than not, Carmiah feel the most comfortable when they appear as simple farmfolk. (An excellent example would be the painting 'American Gothic'.)

Reflecting both their resonance and their Superior's Choir, Carmelim celestial forms are those of rather large, helpful garden insects - ladybugs are quite common, but so are other useful beetles, bumblebees, etc.

Choir Attunements

Novalis does hand these angels out - they are very useful in service to Destiny, Trade, and even sometimes War.

Carmelite of Destiny: Carmelim of Destiny generate no disturbance if they kill a human who has reached his Destiny. (This is not meant to be an encouragement to them to do the killing, however.) (I need help with this one. :|)

Carmelite of Flowers: Carmelim of Flowers, as their mistress' Word implies, are especially in touch with harvests of the vegetable sort--they add their Ethereal Forces to any CD concerning a resonance roll for crops, and gain an estimate of how many people's needs the crops might satisfy.

Carmelite of Trade: Carmelim of Trade, on a successful resonance roll, also receive an estimate of how much a harvest is likely to net--of course, this tends to be a very vague estimate on a marginal success, compared to an exact number on an outstanding one.

Carmelite of War: Carmelim of War negate their dissonance condition, so long as any 'waste' they cause is in pursuit of destroying demons.


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