Choir Angels: Contrarilus,
Kyriotate Angel of Control

By Alex Liddell (


Choir Angel
Kyriotate Angel of Control

Corporeal: 6
Str: 12 Agi: 12
Ethereal: 6
Int: 12 Pre: 12
Celestial: 6
Will: 12 Per: 12

Vessels: 3

Roles: Sword Attunement: Marty Stevens/6 US Marine Medic/4. War Attunement: None. Stone Attunement: Winged Gargoyle/6

Skills: Singing/3, Medicine/6, Fast Talk/3, Fighting/4, Dodge/6, Ranged Weapon(pistol)/3, Driving/2, Meditation/3, Dancing/2, Survival/5, Knowledge(Army protocol)/3, Language: English/3

Songs: Healing(Corp/6), Motion(Corp/2, Cele/3), Charm(All/3), Memory(Eth/3)

Attunements: All Kyriotate Attunements. All Servitor Attunements of Jordi. Angel of Control, Choir Angel, Synergy, Diversity.

Angel of Control: Contrarilus already gains the automatic use of his Resonance from Marc. This allows him to choose the CD and override all blocks to his Resonance this includes the Will roll to force him out.

Celestials and Ethereals still get a roll but it penalised at -2. As the essence of Control, Humans halve their Forces when calculating Contrarilus's available Forces, round up. Contrarilus can't possess Superiors with his Resonance... he can however resist all attempts for anyone to Force him out of a body against his Will. This means Songs of Banishment, Purity, Possession, Other Kyriotates and Shedim. Only the death of the Vessel or his willfull release can bring him out.

Choir Angel: As the Angel of Control, Contrarilus is connected to *all* Kyriotates within the Symphony like a Cherub. With a Perception roll he can divine the location of *all* parts of a any Kyriotate. He will automatically know if a Kyriotate is about to leave a host in worse order than he left it. At that moment he can make a Will roll and burn the Essence needed for Synchronicity. He will instantly use his available Forces to assume control of the body. This doesn't cause the ejected Kyriotate any Dissonance, but Contrarilus will have words with him.... and Contrarilus is not a very compassionate when it comes to wayward Kyriotates. Kyriotates of Judgement are completely and utterly immune to this power if in a host that has been ruled by the GM as "Bad".

Synergy: This allows Contrarilus to assume state not unlike a Shedite's style of Possession. Contrarilus and the host become one entity and he doesn't force the host soul out of the body. While in this state the host stays exactly the same. His stats don't change at all. Anything that Contrarilus wants his host to think or do he just implants into his mind.

This is always for a benevolent cause. Contrarilus is incapable of implanting a self-destructive thought. This can be perfect to allow a human to do the talking, with a genius Celestial guiding the words. When Contrarilus leaves the host, the host believes that everything he did was of his own design... unless Contrarilus reveals what he is to the host.

Diversity: This allows Contrarilus to share experiences with his hosts by drawing on the experiences of his other hosts. Say he was possessing a General who has been preaching the love of battle to his men, he was also possessing a soldier in a different country who was bitterly afraid of war. By sharing the experiences of the General with the soldier, Contrarilus can help to broaden others minds. The soldier gets all of the General's personal feelings about war directly implanted into his soul. He feels the lust for battle and the thrill of victory. This doesn't mean that it overrides the soldiers free will, but it does serve as a pick me up.

Distinctions: Choir Angel
Dissonance: none
Discord: none


The 3rd to last Choir Angel to grace Heaven. Actually he was created on Earth when the demons were cast into Hell. He was created as a true cloud of God, a mass of limbs and organs circling over the site of the least, what would become the Vatican. He had a thought that whatever it was that was going to be here, was going to be the center for some of the greatest Control ever. He made a point to come back.

Since then he has been everywhere and in everyone. It is not a wild statement to say that Contrarilus has been in *every* adult human being in the entire world. Chances are, since the Fall he has possessed most of Humanity at one point or another. His main goal is to bring Humans who have lost Control of their lives back into order. He does this by subtly arranging things so that the human's life is easier, all the time lurking in his consciousness so that he doesn't screw up by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Sometimes he takes over an entire family to see that their lot in life is increased. It is amazing to see a family, one day bickering over the stupidest things, the next, to be perfectly at peace with one another. And his methods stick. His "mental conditioning" seems to stick with Humans that he inhabits. They think that it was their idea and that they should continue with their ideas. Contrarilus smiles many a smile and moves on.

He is the most proactive of the Choir Angels in his movements. He always has something to do and someone to guide. He stays away from other Celestials as much as possible, unless it is a Kyriotate in which case he *always* without exception contacts them for a chat. What he talks about is really up to him. His moods change with the tide and his subject matter is sometimes confusing. He sees every living organisim in a state of chaos and control. He is the balancing force of Nature, he is order. This doesn't make him very appealing to Aequalis. Despite his attitude, Contrarilus is very, very good at what he does. And he is selfless to the core.


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