Mercurian Choir Angel

Angel of Interaction

By Alex Liddell


Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength: 6 Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12
Word-Forces: Unknown

Skills: Savoir Faire/6, Fast Talk/6, Detect Lies/3. Lying/6, Dancing(ballroom)/6, Singing(classic)/6, Fighting/2, Languages(English/3), Knowledge(classical history)/3

Songs: Tongues(all/6), Charm(all/3), Harmony(eth/4), Emotion(eth/3)

Attunements: All Mercurian Choir Attunements, All Servitor Attunements of Eli and Marc, Synchronicity, The Angel of Interaction, The Bard, Nice Guy, Choir Angel

Extra Rites: None

Vessels: Many, many, many. One for each ethnic group, one for each sterotypical minority (gay, skinhead etc). His "main" vessel is a Human Male aged late 40's with Charisma +2(calm voice).

Roles: Alexander Lipton/6, Socialite/5

Dissonance: 0

Discord: Aura/3

Artifacts: None

Humae is the second to last Choir Angel. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet, but not to the point of being annoying. He is a Mercurian's Mercurian. Everyone likes him, not because of his fancy Attunements,(he says he doesn't need them), or because he is a Choir Angel, but because he works damn hard to make sure people are comfortable.

That is the essence of Interaction according to Humae. He puts people at ease with themselves and the situation. Humae frequently looks back over the trails of Michael and Gabriel (to which he was not invited) and shakes his head at the outcome. He likes Dominic, he respects and honors the job that he has to do. He just doesn't like the way other people see him. It is hard to put someone at ease when all they want to do is burn the eyes of the Dominic Beanie with a cigarette. He can see it coming with Eli. He knows exactly where Eli is at all times but rarely does anything about it. He may be the Choir Angel of Mercurians, but he is no Archangel. Eli is a total mystery to him much to the disgust of the aforementioned Dominic. Dominic would like to just have Humae point out where Eli is constantly, but the thing is, as soon as a capture sqaud arrives, Eli would be gone. Humae is far to important to be a homing beacon for Eli.

Humae offered to do some jobs in Heaven before he discoved his plethora of Vessels and went to Earth. He served as a go between for some Heavenly factions for a while. War/Judgement, Animals/Lighting and so on. It was rare when those Archangels had something to say to one another, but when they did, there was no person better for the job than Humae. Or Fugit... Humae isn't the fastest runner and was more than one time that he had to talk his way out of the Savannah.

He now has settled in London Central. The City that is thriving with challenges and with different Interactions on a daily basis. He takes up his Role as Alexander Lipton only when there is a upper class party to attend that is cruical that it goes well. Whenever Alexander comes in, everyone knows that the evening will be pleasent and civil. Other times he just pops Celestial and uses Synchronicity to jet anywhere in the area. With his choice of Vessels it doesn't matter where he pops up, he can be anyone, anywhere at any time.

Humae has the problem with being too nice, and that has manifested into the blessing/curse of the Nice Guy Attunement. To be that damn good at your job screams Celestial to some other Celestials.... now it just screams Celestial to any Celestial with a decent Perception. This hasn't caused him problems, most Demons try and slip him up in a social situation. This of course never ever works and the Demons end up looking daft.. then dead. Humae has never raised his hand in anger against another Celestial ever. His Fighting comes as repayment for some work in the Groves for Michael. He does however, have a HUGE network of friends to call on. Those that can "get a job done".

The Angel of Interaction: Humae can automatically use his Resonance with a CD of his choice. This includes all advanced usages of it. This Resonance cannot be blocked by any means possible including that of a Superior. If a Superior concentrates on foiling Humae he can.

Choir Angel: As with the other 7, Humae is connected to all members of his Choir like a Cherub. With a Perception roll he can divine the location and status of any Mercurian within the Symphony. If a Mercurian is about to violate his Choir dissonance restriction then Humae will know about it immediately.

The Bard: This gifts Humae with all Songs of Tounges at Level/6 and allows him to use them for no Essence cost. He still has to roll for the CD and Intervention. This attunement alters the Corporeal Song slightly. Humae becomes fully aware of the Language and gains the Language skill at 6 for the Duration of the Song. This means he can read and write the language as well as speak it.

Nice Guy: All reaction rolls made towards Humae automatically get a bonus of +6 to the target number. In normal cases this gives him auto success with +1 to the CD. This radiates in an Aura around him. Treat this as the Aura Discord at level/3. However, all people within the 5ft radius also get the +6 bonus to reaction rolls.


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