Kenshiel, Malakite of the Sword IST Judgment, Angel of the Assassin

By Josh Moger


The Habbalite was focused completely on his task, his laser scope trained on his target, his entire concentration within his Word and rifle. His Impudite watcher was easy to dispatch. A simple sword blow to the head, and he fell. I quieted his fall and made sure to direct the wound away from so as not to be splattered. The Habbalite, consumed with his assignment and his target, never heard me approach. He heard the slight whistle through the air, but I'm sure he thought his pet Impudite would have taken care of any possible danger. This one was so sure of himself. So prideful. He had long been lost because his inability to reconcile his Word with his Superior's, but that he would take another of God's angels into the Pit with him when he Fell...

He never even felt the blade enter or exit.

The latter because of the blade, the former because of his Trauma.


Sometimes it can be far more difficult to be Just.

Corporeal Forces: 4
Strength: 6
Agility: 10
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 8
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 8
Perception: 8

Vessel: Male (just below avg. height, Japanese)/4

Skills: Acrobatics/3, Climbing/2, Detect Lies/1, Dodge/3, Escape/2, Fighting/6, Knowledge (Various sword arts of Eastern origin)/6, Language (Japanese)/4, Large weapon (Katana)/6, Move Silently/5, Running/3, Small Weapon (Wazikashi)/6, Tactics/4, Throwing/3, Tracking/3

Songs: Attraction (Cel/4), Form (Eth/3, Cel/3), Healing (All/3), Nemesis (Cel/3), Opening (Cor/1), Shadows (Cor/3), Silence (Cor/6), Tongues (Cel/3)

Artifacts: Katana (Reliquary/5) Wazikashi (Reliquary/3)

Attunements: Malakite of Judgment, Malakite of the Sword, Ofanite of the Sword, Hunt, Blade Blessing

Angel of the Assassin: When facing a target he has been ordered against by an Archangel, Kenshiel has one chance to turn down the assignment after he has examined the evidence. If he ultimately accepts the assignment he gains the ability to perform a variant of Laurence's Blade Blessing attunement- this allows him, after a willpower roll, to spend 5 essence and gift any weapon with a +10 power for [check digit] rounds. This, however, can only be done in the presence of the target and if used against anyone but the target will cause Kenshiel to gain at three notes of dissonance, one for his own oath (see below), and one each for Dominic and Laurence's dissonance conditions. Suffice to say, Kenshiel usually prefers working in a situation where he only has to concentrate on his opponent.


  • "Suffer not an evil to live, if it is my choice."
  • "Never surrender, or allow myself to be captured by the forces of Lucifer."
  • "Never strike at an opponent with power unwarranted."
  • "If there is to be a kill, it shall be swift and clean."
  • "Never allow my opponent to use an innocent as a shield."
  • "Never allow myself to inflict a punishment greater than the crime."

    Discord: While usually neither Dominic nor Laurence would allow a Servitor, especially a Malakite, to go long with Discord, Kenshiel has been allowed to carry this as a constant reminder of his fifth oath.

    Stigmata/1 - appearing as an x-shaped cut on his left cheek, the wound is almost always dry, unless Kenshiel has recently finished an assigment. When the target has been killed - either soul dead or simply his vessel killed - Kenshiel's scar will begin bleeding until he is able to make it to a tether and back to Heaven. Going Celestial will stop the bleeding, but only until he has returned to his vessel.

    Kenshiel took to Laurence fairly early in his existence as a Reliever. He watched Laurence every day, drinking in the swordplay. He loved his Archangel, the graceful movements, the blade becoming a piece of art in Laurence's hands. He idolized his Archangel and though he was of simply four forces, he knew that one day he would be a Malakite as his Superior, a gleaming blade to be used in the service of Heaven. Kenshiel practiced constantly, allowing himself to ask his Superior for a new force only after he had mastered a sword or a form of swordplay. He took to the katana early in his training, and added to his knowledge of Asian fighting arts as he grew up. Once he fledged to a Malakite, he asked Laurence for a time of service on the Corporeal. Laurence agreed and the new Malakite began his tours of duty upon Earth, each time again studying the craft of the sword and using his skills increasingly effectively upon the infernal.

    His skills even allowed him to create a minor legacy - "He who makes it rain blood," a title given to him while he held the Role of an assassin in Japan. Kenshiel actually suffered a great deal from that particular time, including allowing a woman to come between him and those he was employed to fight. It would be her death that sealed within Kenshiel's mind the dark destiny his path had brought him to.

    He went to Laurence, Discordant and injured, and asked his Superior for two things:

    One- the recently vacated Word of the Assassin.
    Two- Transfer to the service of Judgment.

    Kenshiel felt that his dishonored state was no longer pure enough to serve his beloved Archangel, but that he could possibly atone while serving under Dominic's ever watching eye. However, Kenshiel did understand that he had been forged into the instrument of God's wrath that he had sought after for so long. For Kenshiel, it wasn't hubris, but simple reasoning that as the most qualified angel for the Word, he should be given it so as to most effectively strike against the demons. Laurence knew that pride had never been a failing of his servitor and agreed to both requests - with a stipulation.

    Whenever Kenshiel felt as though he had earned Salvation, the Sword would be there to be taken up again.

    Kenshiel thanked his former Superior and left the Halls of Worship to seek an audience with Dominic. Dominic knew not what to make of this paradoxical former servitor of the Sword, but after a demonstration of his abilities, he understood what an instrument he had been presented with. Kenshiel was given his Word a short time later. Michael knew of Kenshiel from the latter's service to Laurence, and knew that he was the proper servitor, even serving the Hyena as he now would.

    Kenshiel's attitude toward the War is simple - the Symphony is perfect. The demons and infernal influence are discordant jarring notes upon that perfection. Though others seek to loudly and blindly destroy demons or work with them, Kenshiel quiets them. He is there to lay a light finger upon the discordant string until it is silenced. Now, whether that string is a demon and that light finger is his essence-charged katana...

    Well, semantics.

    Kenshiel has a special hatred for Habbalah. That they would Fall is one thing. That they would in their delusion seek to punish humanity for simply existing is bad enough. But that they should continue to blaspheme God's name by saying that they continue to serve the Lord...

    That can not be. For Kenshiel that shall not be. Kenshiel has turned down assignments in the past, he has mercy and he refuses to kill any human but the worst Hellsworn, he has never refused to take one of the Habbalah as a target.

    The Habbalah who hear of this find it ironic that the Malakite who is physically scarred and carries his pain so visibly, as all Habbalah do, is one who is so devoted to their destruction.

    Well, they find it ironic for the 1.5 seconds they can realize it before Kenshiel's blade has finished it's work.

    He's very quiet.


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