Laharoi, Elohite of Flowers, Angel of Snipers

By Cameron McCurry


The two angels stood on top of the high rise looking down at the building in front of them. The sun was just beginning to lighten the sky and they had perfect cover. They had not moved from this position since last night and both were quietly grateful for the fact that neither of them needed sleep.

One of them was staring down the scope of a rifle. He was in a textbook perfect prone position that gave him the most stability. The other was lying next to him and looking towards the adjoining building with a small set of binoculars. He glanced down at the shooter and spoke softly.

"Target is heading towards the roof. He'll be in range within thirty seconds."

"Who else is there?"

"No one. He's alone. Once he's out the door, it's a clear shot."

The door to the roof on the other building opened and a huge, well-built man stepped out. He looked around the area with the air of someone surveying his kingdom.

The Mercurian with the binoculars nodded at the shooter. "He's in the clear. He's yours." An instant later, he heard the whispered phrase that the Elohite always said before firing.

"I bear you no malice. May you find the light of God."

The Elohite took a deep breath and his body relaxed. The shot exploded out of the rifle and went through the demon's head. An instant later, the crack of the round was heard. Once the shot was made, the two angels crawled backwards towards their exit, stopping only to remove the shell casing. Once they were inside the building, they hastily broke the weapon apart and put it inside a case. After they were on the freeway, the Elohite took out a cell phone that was in the glove compartment.

"Jessica? The Seneschal is removed. You may contact the other side to begin negotiations." He snapped the phone shut and leaned back in his chair. The Mercurian looked over at his friend.

"Jessica is that Mercurian of Michael's you were dealing with, right?"

"Correct. She found out that the Seneschal there was not very well liked. If he was removed, the demons in the area would be more reasonable to deal with."

Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 4
Agility: 4
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 6
Precision: 10
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 7
Perception: 9

Skills: Fast Talk (3), Move Silently (4), Tracking (3), Ranged Weapon (Rifle/6)

Songs: Form (Corporeal 2, Ethereal 5), Healing (Corporeal 2, Celestial 3), Motion (Celestial 3)

Attunements: Elohite of Flowers, Malakite of Flowers, Nothing But Flowers, Vassal of Flowers, Angel of Snipers

Angel of Snipers: When taking a shot at one designated target, Laharoi can mask any disturbance from use of Songs or damage done by his shot (in gaming terms, this means once per game).

Yes, you read correctly. One of Heaven's best shooters is a Servitor of Novalis. The cognitive dissonance this causes usually settles down after a few hours. The logic behind it was unusual but it seems to work.

Laharoi is dedicated to the idea of more peaceful resolution of conflict. But there are times when violence is the only option left. However, many conflicts can end with one well placed shot far more quickly than flaming swords at close range. These are the situations that Laharoi is sent into.

One thing he is not is an on call assassin. When he is asked to perform a mission, it is with the understanding that the target is a demon or unredeemable Outcast, that more peaceful methods have been tried and that removing the target will not cause more problems than it solves. If the mission involves killing a human, Laharoi has a list of Soldiers and Saints of War and Fire that he has trained personally to handle the matter.

Other Servitors of Flowers are polite to Laharoi, but his chosen path and somewhat reclusive nature makes them rather uncomfortable. The only angel seen regularly in his company is Matthew, a Mercurian that functions as his spotter when they are hunting a target. Servitors of War treat him with respect and it is whispered that Michael has an open offer should the Elohite decide to leave Novalis' service. But the Elohite is quite content in serving the Archangel of Flowers having reached the conclusion that peace is far more preferable than war.


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