Loache, Kyriotate of Animals

By Cthulhu


Corporeal Forces: 4
Strength: 7
Agility: 9
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 6
Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 2
Will: 5
Perception: 3

Skills: Chemistry/2, Dodge/3, Electronics/1, Fighting/2, Knowledge (Area/3), Move Silently/4, Tracking/3

Songs: Form (Corporeal/5), Healing (Corporeal/4), Motion (Celestial/5), Numinous Corpus (Acid/4)

Attunements: Ofanite of the Wind

A rarity among Servitors of Animals, Loache is quite comfortable within human society, even if he does work solely to destroy it. Still a relatively young Celestial, Loache has found his fondness in the Animal kingdom in the form of cockroaches. They are killed and smashed in their thousands by the humans; not for food, not because they are a threat, but simply because they exist. This has made the Domination very angry. His current scheme is the removal of humans from the cities. He dwells in the streets and walls in the swarms of roaches which fill them, using their bodies and his rudimentary knowledge of building and electronics to cause chaos for the inhabitants - using his Numinous Corpus to drool acid into important fuseboxes and then teleporting his insect hosts safely away, for example. He is also not above occasionally using terror tactics to get rid of people - teleporting his swarm host into a sealed container seconds before it is opened and then rushing out over someones hands, spelling out messages with his bodies, that kind of thing. His Songs of Form and Healing make it pretty hard to hurt him (or his hosts) as well.

Though he is filled with glee and determination (and just a little bit of righteous fury) about his job, he has yet to come up against any real opposition, and his nerve may not be all he hoped when this inevitably happens. His real name is only pronounceable in the scents of the 'roaches; he picked up the monicker Loache from his fellow angels, "Because it rhymes".

(Loache is a balanced starting PC.)


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