Maguel, Angel of Relaxation

By Cameron McCurry


Mercurian of Creation

Special Rites:

Angel of Relaxation: This is a variation on the normal Mercurian Resonance. Maguel knows at a glance what a person would find relaxing or enjoyable as well as how stressed they are.

No doubt, things have been a bit on the rough side for Maguel. His Word is an odd one by Heavenly standards. Angels seem to assume that Relaxation is a *Bad Thing* (tm) and should be avoided at all costs. It doesn't help when you were a demon for the first few centuries of your life that served Sloth.

Yes, you heard correctly. Sloth. He's one of the few survivors that didn't end up as an appetizer to Haagenti when he decided that Meserach was a good meal. Faced with reality, he did the one sensible thing that was available to him as Meserach's abode was being destroyed.

He smashed his Heart and got out of Hell as fast as he could. In the chaos, no one noticed him fleeing and he took full advantage of that happy fact. Within moments, he was on Earth with no connections, few options and a bleak future.

But he wasn't going to mope around over this. Maguel knew that all he had to do was keep his eyes open, spend as little Essence as possible and do everything he could not to attract the attention of The Game or the Host.

He found a group of Renegades and Outcasts that had banded together for survival about a year later. Things were good; they kept to themselves, didn't harm anyone and the Cherub in their group was a damn good brewer.

Then one night, he got into a discussion with a Mercurian about Heaven. The Intercessionist had been cast out a few months ago and wanted to return to the Host. Maguel got into an earnest discussion about it and wondered why someone would want to serve Heaven. He found that the Mercurian made some excellent points and he began to think that maybe things weren't really that bad on the other side.

You can now imagine his shock when he found out that the Mercurian was Eli in disguise. The Archangel of Creation waited until Maguel was through stammering in terror then quietly Redeemed him.

Maguel spent several centuries in Heaven unlearning his selfish behavior and making up for his past. He was sent down to Earth just after World War 2 and took to his new assignment with enthusiasm.

What he began to notice was that a lot of people simply worked far too hard. He saw too many people working themselves to death and not enjoying life properly. The Mercurian took it upon himself to teach people how to relax.

This drew the attention of Judgment in short order. They interrogated him mercilessly over the course of several days. They feared that Maguel was on the road to teaching people about being Slothful and were determined to put an end to him right then and there. But in the course of their investigation, the Triad of Judgment learned that Maguel was not doing evil. He knew, perhaps better than anyone else, that there is a fine line between relaxation and laziness. With muttered threats, they released him and let him get back to work.

Maguel managed to have a great deal of success. He encouraged people to slow down every so often and remember what was important to them. And just before Eli walked out of Heaven, he sponsored Maguel for the Word of Relaxation.

Maguel manages to stay quite busy in spite of his Word. He works most often with people that have families and encourages them to not sacrifice a home life for work. He is also very active in getting people to take up some kind of hobby or group activity (David's been pretty pleased with this). So far, he is making some small progress. People seem to be learning that having a good time is not in conflict with a strong work ethic. Even better, he's even been able to get some demons to realize that serving Hell is more work than it's worth and make them consider Heaven. To date, he has three Redemptions to his name.

Now, if only he could get a vacation for a week....


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