Cherub of Judgement
Master of Law
Angel of Correctional Facilities

By Rolland Therrien


Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 9 Agility: 7
Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 6 Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 4 Will: 8 Perception: 8
Word-Forces: Unknown

Skills: Detect Lies/3, Dodge/2, Escape/5 (as a preventive measure), Fighting/3, Knowledge(correctional facilities)/2, Lockpicking/3, Small Weapon (baton)/3, Running/2, Tracking/2

Songs: Attraction(Celestial/3), Charm(all/3)

Attunements: Cherub of Judgement

Extra Rites: None

Vessels: Human/?

Roles: Warden Jacob Emerson (Charisma +2) ?/?

Dissonance: None

Discord: None

Artifacts: Stun Rod (Celestial Artifact, containing the Corporeal Song of Lightning/1; Attuned to user)

First off, it's not "Angel of Prisons", it's "Angel of Correctional Facilities".

Mahanehdan is a model Cherub of Judgement, dedicated in his service to Heaven and in rooting out Dissonance and Discord amongst his fellow Angels, no matter how much they complain about him doing it. It's for their own good, after all. If an Angel is suffering from Discord, isn't it a good Cherub's duty to point it out so they can correct themselves? Nevertheless, what makes Mahanehdan stand out is that he has some ideas that make him even more unpopular then the usual brand of Dominican.

Basically, he wants to put a prison in Heaven.

Yes, he gets a "Are you Insane" whenever he talks about his idea. But he does have some valid arguments. For one thing, Mahanehdan points out that casting angels out doesn't solve the problem of Heretical Angels. In fact, it only makes them more dangerous, since they can potentially Fall and join Hell. Didn't the whole War start because Lucifer's Angels got kicked out of Heaven, instead of being put away in a prison to be rehabilitated? Doesn't the old saying go "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer," after all?

Still, Mahanehdan is aware that Prisons, as a whole, are not seen as very good places. They're seen as dumping grounds for criminals of all sorts, as a place where minor crooks learn how to commit crimes from older, more experienced criminals, and where brutality, violence and corruption reigns. Mahanehdan aims to change that image by making as many earthly prisons as he can into good and just correctional facilities, where prisonners are kept from learning more criminal behavior and are instructed in how to become productive members of society. It's an uphill battle, but he feels strongly enough about doing so.

He's even established an experimental Prison for Celestials on Earth, in an abandonned prison ship, with the assistance of a few Malakites, Soldiers and Elohites of Judgement, Lightning and Stone, all open to his ideas. Within the Prison Ship (Reinforced with a few experimental devices to prevent the escape of Celestials) are imprisonned a few dozen Celestials, both Outcast Angels and Newly fallen Demons (And one prisonner of war). With the help of his associates, Mahanehdan has created a few "rehabilitation" techniques designed to force the prisonners to supress their Demonic tendancies and foster their Angelic ones.

Cherubs and Djinn, for exemple, are given small animals and are forced to attune themselves to the animal, and are instructed to care for the creature. Any lack of care is punished appropriatly, while privileges are given to prisonners who take great care of their attuned. Seraphs and Balseraphs are given books to read and copy, and are punished should the copy deviate in any way from the original, so they must truthfully retell the story. Habbalah are forced to use their resonnances to enduce Emptiness upon one another until they redeem, and so on. Mahanehdan hasn't come up with ways to Rehabilitate Calabim or Lilim, but he's confident he can find something in time.

Mahanehdan's operation is highly controversial to both the War faction and the Peace faction: the former because too much time is spent working on the fallen, and the latter because of the apparent brutality of the methods used. But he IS getting some results. Already twelve outcast angels have recanted their previous acts of defiance and gone back to their former masters, and appear genuinly remorseful (if a bit shaken by their experiences) and willing to tow the line. And seven demons (three Djinn, two Haballah, a Balseraph and an Impudite) have indeed been redeemed through the Rehabilitation process. So he IS getting results.

Unfortunetly, his very results have gathered the attentions of Lilith, the Princess of Freedom. Her very word is anathema to Prisons, Good or Ill, and the idea that Prisons might become a Heavenly Word only, to her, reaffirm the idea that Hell must struggle for the Individual Freedom of everyone. She wants Mahanehdan and his little project ended, and she doesn't care how many Geasa she has to call in to get it done...


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