Ofanite Choir Angel

Angel of Motion

By Alex Liddell


Corporeal Forces: 6 Strength: 12 Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 5 Intelligence: 8 Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12
Word-Forces: Unknown

Skills: Running, Dodge, Swimming, Climbing, Driving, Acrobatics, Move Silently all at /6. Fighting/3, (really)Fast Talk/4, Language(English)/6, Knowledge(Geography)/6

Songs: Motion(all/6), Shields(corp, eth/3), Speed(all/6), Direction(all/3), Attraction(cele/3), Form(Eth/3), Shattering(Corp/2)

Attunements: All Ofanim Choir Attunements, All Servitor Attunements of Janus and Gabriel, Synchronicity, The Angel of Motion, Choir Angel, Perpetual Motion, Hyperstimulate

Extra Rites: None

Vessels: Human Male(Short 20 something)/4, Human Male(Tall 40 something)/4, Falcon/2, Cheetah/3

Roles: None

Dissonance: 0

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

Marathon is the 3rd to last Choir Angel. He was created with a flash and a bang in the fire that Gabriel was trailing as he returned to his Citadel in Heaven. Marathon followed.... then overtook Gabriel and met with the other Choir Angels outside Uriel's castle. He was the first to leave the little meeting, jetting off to an unknown Tether and descending to Earth. Being the first time he was there he decided upon the Falcon vessel as a starting point. He soon got a feel for human flesh and can now be seen (or not seen) speeding across the Symphony keeping the wheels of Earth turning.

He takes any metaphor or cliche concerning movement very seriously. He has at times "Greased the wheels of trade", very well in fact. Assisting the Traders in moving certian sensitive cargos across the globe. He has stood "where the wild winds blow" and dared them to blow him off the cliff. He has made "Money Talks and B....... Walks" move a little faster. When it comes to his own goals. Like any Ofanim he is uncertain where he will be next. Of all the Choir Angels he uses Synchonicity the most, jetting across the Symphony to where he is needed. This makes him a perfect character to suddenly just pop up and declare that it is his job to fix things.

He never, ever, ever stops moving. For him to stop would mean the destruction of the whole Choir (His words.) No one can put it to the test. Hitting him is a real chore.

Angel of Motion: Motion can automatically use his Resonance with a CD of his choice. This can be both advanced usages and normal usages. He doesn't need to roll for anything. He still needs to burn the Essence for the short-ranged teleport that his Resonance can perform.

Choir Angel: Marathon is connected to all Ofanim within the Symphony like a Cherub. With a Perception roll he can consult the Cherubim CD table with regard to any Ofanite. If an Ofanite is about to violate his Choir Dissonance restriction then Marathon will know about it and automatically knows the fastest way to get to him both direction wise and transportation wise.

Perpetual Motion: With this Attunement, Marathon can cause anything to keep moving without an apparent source of power. As long as he is within the general vicinity of the object that is moving (GM's call) it will keep moving without needing any more kinetic energy. This Motion is constant, it will not cause acceleration in an already moving body, although it will accelerate at 10ms/s if it was moved from a full stop. This acceleration will cease when the body has reached a speed/velocity of Marathon's choosing.

Hyperstimulate: This speeds up the actions of all affected allowing them to take a number of additional non-combat actions in a round equal to their Corporeal Forces. It also allows them to take an extra number of combat actions equal to 1/2 their Corporeal Forces. Marathon must spend Essence equal to the number of Corporeal Forces a subject has and make a Will Roll. If he underspends the Essence the Attunement fails, if he overspends then the Essence is wasted. This can affect any being, but only one at a time. It lasts for Corporeal Forces rounds with Non-Combat actions and one round for Combat actions. If a subject enters combat while being affected by Hyperstimulate he get 1 extra action then the Attunement terminates. At the end of the duration each affected subject must rest of 2xCorporeal Forces rounds or suffer from extreme fatigue and overexertion. The GM should rule on certain effects of this. Ofanim don't suffer from this at all.


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