Nethinims, Angel of Pets

By Cameron McCurry (


Nethinims is unquestionably one of Jordi's more unusual Servitors. He came into existence in the mid 50s and was sent to the US. At the time, he was the archetypal Servitor of Jordi; he held humans in contempt, and worked to protect the stray animals that were routinely brutalized by people.

Thirty years into his Earthly duties, a chance encounter turned Nethinims' world view completely around. He came across a homeless man walking a dog. The Mercurian was going to free the dog and was coming up with a way to teach the human a lesson when his Resonance picked up on something unexpected.

The human actually cared for the dog. He wasn't brutal to it and he saw the animal as a valued companion.

Up until then, Nethinims simply assumed that domesticated animals were nothing more than slaves that needed to be set free. It was far better in his eyes to free the animals from people who mistreated them and allow them to roam loose. It never occurred to him that people could love animals and treat them well. On a whim, he bought some food at a nearby store and struck up a conversation with the man. As they talked, the Mercurian noticed that the man gave the dog most of the food. The dog was quite devoted to the man and Nethinims grew more puzzled as the conversation went on. When it was over, he went to a nearby library and began to do some research.

The things he came across shocked him. There were books on how to properly care for animals that lived with people (And most of it was quite correct). He read up on surgical sterilization and why it was beneficial for the animals as well as good for the cities. He read about immunizations and how it kept domestic animals healthy.

Nethinims decided that a change in tactics was in order. He talked to veterinarians, animal shelter workers and any other animal caretaker who would spare some time (He even tried getting an appointment with Bob Barker, but that didn't pan out). He began to see a completely different side of humans that he was completely ignorant about. And he went about helping pets finding good homes with people as a volunteer at a shelter.

One month into his new job, Nethinims was pulled up to Heaven. Jordi was not thrilled at his servant's behavior and now the Mercurian was being called to the carpet. Or, more accurately, called to the field.

It took quite a bit of courage for Nethinims to report his new findings to his Superior. When you are facing several predatory animals that share the same mind and are preparing to rip you apart, it can be very daunting. But Nethinims took a deep breath, calmed his nerves and proceeded to tell Jordi everything he had learned.

When he was done, Jordi reluctantly realized that his Servitor had a good point. He didn't like animals being domesticated, but if humans were treating them well there was some hope for them.

So Jordi took the unusual step of approaching the Seraphim Council and petitioning for Nethinims to become the Word of Pets. The Council was puzzled at Jordi's request, but it was quickly granted.

Nethinims returned to Earth in his new Role as a pet shop owner. He rarely sells pets out of the store though; he prefers to have rescue agencies and the local pound come in to get their animals adopted although he's been known to take in a stray from time to time. He does keep a good stock of toys, medicines, litter and other essentials for animal care. Things have been quite good for him lately; profits are up to the point he can make large donations to the shelters and rescues that he works with: the animals that get adopted out go to nice homes and he gets to teach people how to responsibly care for animals.

Best of all, he's managed to gain two servants in the process.

The first is Samantha Woodard, a veterinarian and a Soldier of Jordi's. She opened up her clinic in his store and offers low cost care for any animal that gets adopted out of the store. She is very happy in her work and she's managed to persuade her brother to help out with the details of running the business (accounting and business management are not two of Nethinims' talents. He was quite happy to have the man help out).

His newest servant is Joe ("Just Joe. Honest."), a recently fledged Kyriotate of Jordi. When an animal gets adopted, Joe goes home with it to make sure that it's being treated well. He's able to report his findings by way of a parakeet that Samantha has in her office (Yes, they can talk. Joe uses that to great advantage.).

Nethinims has been pondering opening up another store to help more animals, but that is only in the vague planning stages right now. At the moment, he is quite content to stay where he is and do his part in teaching people responsible pet care.

As a side note, Nethinims is very aware of the activities of the Impudite Marcus (From A Dark Dream). He's not about to go out of his way to hunt him down, but if Marcus wanders into his town, the Angel of Pets will be doing his best to end his existence.


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