Phinehas, Cherub Vassal of War, Angel of "Bring It On!" (GURPS)

By William J. Keith


There are some concepts that, while quickly understandable to a human and concisely expressible in Angelic, are somewhat too complex to state simply in any human tongue. This is the Word of one such concept. It has been around, in a primitive form, since humanity realized the obstacles inherent in its world. It's something like:

"I am so ready for this, that the very knowledge of my readiness is the last thing I need to complete my preparations. Challenge me, if you dare. It will be a fight to tell tales of, but I will emerge victorious."

A good attempt at a shorter version is its modern incarnation:

"Bring it on!"

ST 17
IQ 10
DX 16
HT 15

Advantages: Howl, Combat Reflexes, Vessel(Extra Hit Points: 5, Zeroed), 12 forces(6 Corporeal, 2 Ethereal, 4 Celestial)

Disadvantages: none (except for base Cherub/Vassal/War package, of course)

Angel of "Bring it On!": By expressing his Word in whatever language he is currently using, Phinehas can extend the effects of his Howl to any foe who can hear and understand him.

Rite for "Bring it On!": Hear the Word expressed, in whatever form, 10 times (Gain 1 Essence every 10th time; 10 at once will count).

Skills: Axe-18, Karate-15, Knife-16, Knife Throwing-16, Staff-15, Guns(pistols)/TL7-16, Guns(semiautomatic rifles)/TL7-16, Tracking-10, and 4 points (probably by the half-point) in sundry skills a GM might find it useful for Phinehas to have, such as Driving, a smattering of languages, and Acting or Stealth. Phinehas is a remarkably focused angel.

Equipment: Other than some clothing, a vehicle, and some petty cash, Phinehas has very little equipment, as a Zeroed "roving troubleshooter". 12 points are invested in an artifact axe(level 1, Summonable) . This is a fire axe -- blade on one side, pick on the other -- that Phinehas grabbed one day, in the bowels of a building, facing down a mob of demons and desperate for a weapon with which to protect his Attuned.


Phinehas is a Vassal of War, but he doesn't do much commanding of other angels. He's still more of a front-line combatant, although this status is modified by the fact that Phinehas is typically assigned to charges that need serious protection, preferably on the quiet. He's also not the brightest bulb in the Host, though humans find him decent and of average brains, with a very broad and experienced outlook. He tends to focus on being prepared for trouble when it comes, which is another personality trait that makes him more suited for the front lines than command. On the other hand, after thousands of years of faithful and effective service, he had this particular trait so honed and focussed as part of his plans that nominating him for the Word was a reasonable reward and an effective tactical move. Phinehas is certainly happy with any ability that can keep his foes a longer way away from his Attuned.

Character creation notes

Phinehas is a 200-point GURPS character, plus whatever point cost the GM wishes to assign to his Word abilities. Standard IN players, this is an angel with double the usual starting points, plus enough additional points to pay for a Word. If assigned to a group of PCs, he can make a powerful physical ally who is unlikely to override PC actions unless they endanger a third-party Attuned. As an enemy, Phinehas is fearsome in a fight and has long experience at his job, but is of low enough intelligence that he might be duped by a clever foe.


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