Grigori of Purity
Friend of Purity

By Manny Nepumecino


Corporeal Forces: 4   Strength: 8   Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 3   Intelligence: 6   Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 4   Will: 6   Perception: 10
Word-Forces: N/A

Skills: Fighting (Brawling/4), Knowledge (Bartending/6), Language (English/3, Norwegian/3, Tagalog/3)****, Small Weapon (Pistol)/3

Songs: Light (Celestial/4), Entropy (Celestial/3)

Attunements: Grigori of Purity*, Purity of Purpose**, Vassal of Purity***

Extra Rites:

Vessels: Human male (Malay male)/4

Roles: "Ramon Legaspi" (bartender/4, Status/2)

Dissonance: 0

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

* Grigori of Purity: As a Servitor of Purity, Spyd cannot ­ or will not ­ Fall. He also receives a bonus to his perception when hearing disturbances in the Symphony caused by beings with dissonance or Discord.
** Purity of Purpose: Same as Laurence s attunement of the same name in Superiors 1.
*** Vassal of Purity: Spyd has the ability to remove one note of dissonance from another angel for 7 Essence, provided that he and the angel have no Discord. However, Spyd also takes 7 hits of soul damage.
**** Spyd knows most of the languages spoken in the world ­ and quite a few that are no longer used.

Created by Uriel, Archangel of Purity, Spyd ("Spear") was meant to be a weapon against the darkness -­ a hunter who would protect humanity from the dark forces of evil and corruption. More Malakite than Grigori, Spyd wasn't particularly well liked by his Choirmates. For starters, he took a leaf from Uriel's book and never indulged in sex. Never.

Needless to say, the casting out of his entire Choir came as a shock to Spyd. He'd spent years in faithful service to Heaven and the Lord Commander of its armies, and what did he get? There was no justice in the verdict, no justice at all. In private, Spyd took advantage of his Distinction and appealed to Uriel, who listened to what the Watcher had to say.

In the end, Spyd was allowed to keep his attunements and his Distinction, in the hope that he'd be able to use them to earn a place back in the halls of Heaven. Spyd had no illusions about that -­ he'd seen what Dominic and the rest of the Seraphim Council were capable of doing -­ but this was better than nothing. Sulking, the lone Watcher decided to make a life for himself in what is today Scandinavia. He joined humanity, taking care to move carefully and not call attention to himself. From time to time, he was even able to kill a few errant demons.

Around three thousand years ago, Spyd came upon an interesting sight ­ Archangel Michael and his nemesis, Prince Baal, manifesting on the corporeal plane. (How he became a witness to this, not even he knows...he suspects that Michael had something to do with it.) Although the Balseraph was not happy about their meeting being disturbed by so lowly an angel, the Archangel of War interceded on Spyd's behalf and offered him a job.

Today, Spyd has a Role as a bartender in a small place in the Philippines. He s owned it for three years, and in two more he'll move on again ­- probably to someplace in New Zealand. He's established a pretty good pattern -­ every five years or so, new country, new bar. He sends a message out to his two patrons, letting them know where the place is; it's up to them to decide when they want to get together for a few drinks and a friendly chat. Spyd remembers to stock up on that special whiskey Baal is so fond of, and he's even got that hard-to-find beer Michael likes; although, if worse came to worst, he could probably brew it himself. He doesn't forget to change his identity, either ­- Michael supplies the vessel, Baal gives him the Role, both of them provide the cash, and as long as he behaves himself (meaning, no killing demons of the War -­ but those of other Words are okay) he's guaranteed a decent living until Armageddon comes.

(Spyd is not a point-balanced character. His Purity attunements are conjectural. The Purity of Purpose attunement is taken from Laurence's attunement of the same name.)


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