Triad 2016

By Cameron McCurry


With the rise of the Demon of False Witness, the most frequently asked question amongst Dominic's angels ran along the lines of "Why has he not been converted to a Force smear on the pavement?" This question was especially loud from the Seraphim, who take Galsiph's existence as a very personal affront.

When this question was run up the chain of command, the answers were the same no matter how high up it went. "Wait and see," followed by "Galsiph is not to be harmed directly."

While the majority of the Judgment angels gnashed their teeth and waited, Dominic had wrestled with the most appropriate solution. Galsiph's Roles were very prominent, he had impressive defenses and as a demon, he was quite strong. Doing something to him directly could have serious repercussions and it would invite open warfare between him and Asmodeus.

It was after two days of deliberation with his advisors that a smile crept across Dominic's face. He called up files on all of his Corporeal Servitors and found the three angels who would best serve Judgment in this matter.

And thus it came to be that Triad 2016 was formed.

Triad 2016 (Refer to Exodus if you don't get the reference) consists of a Seraph, an Elohite and a Mercurian that as members of other Triads were responsible for the conversion of three Tethers of The Game to Judgment, four high level defections from Hell and over a dozen "Rescues" of angels that nearly fell. Each one has a reputation for focus and patience that made them stand out amongst Dominic's favored Servitors. They quickly accepted the transfer to this new Triad and went to Earth with one mission:

Utterly discredit the Demon of False Witness.

These three angels keep a close eye out on whatever cases Galsiph happens to be involved in. With a strong knowledge of the law and medicine, they are a formidable countermeasure to Galsiph's work. They have not won every case against him, but they learn from their mistakes quickly and adapt their strategies as necessary. Not only that, but they have the support of Archangels that would normally be hostile or reluctant to help Judgment.

For instance: Have a case involving murder by firearms and the wrong man is about to be convicted? Michael has some of the best ballistics expert among his Blessed Souls and has no problem sending them down as Saints to help out. Is there a woman about to be incarcerated over false accounting records? Marc keeps the most vicious bean counters on staff who can go through false books like a razor on paper.

With the cooperation of Heaven and a patience greater than most Triads, 2016 feels that it is only a matter of time before Galsiph loses the wrong case against them and earns the ire of Asmodeus.

The following are the members of 2016.

Gamaliel: Seraph

Gamaliel is the leader of the Triad. She served for three centuries on Earth, first as part of another Triad, then as a lone agent. Gamaliel's function within the group is finding out which case Galsiph is going to be at next and soliciting help from the outside with cases. It does grate on her nerves that she is not allowed in the courtroom herself, but she quietly accepts this as the will of her Archangel.

Kharamis: Elohite

Kharamis, in his role as an attorney, is one of the deadliest weapons against the Demon of False Witness. His knowledge of the law, coupled with his calm demeanor, have wreaked havoc on more than one "Expert Witness." Before joining Triad 2016, he focused on working directly with demons and "counseling" them. He was the one responsible for the high level defections mentioned earlier.

Sharakel: Mercurian

Originally a Mercurian of War, Michael appointed Sharakel as a liaison between War and Judgment. After a few years, the Mercurian found that he was better suited within Judgment's ranks and was transferred over. Her task within 2016 is typically a psychologist or doctor. Whether in a female or male vessel, Sharakel comes across as professional and friendly. Her personality has won over more than one jury and her testimony has disproved a few of Galsiph's doctors as well as cause a few to lose their license. Her presence on 2016 is the main reason Michael remains cooperative with them.


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