Choir Angel Triuwida

By Alex Liddell (


Choir Angel
The Seraph Angel of Truth

Corporeal Forces: 5 Str 8 Agi 12
Ethereal Forces: 6 Int 12 Pre 12
Celestial Forces: 6 Will 12 Per 12

Vessels: Old Male Human/2, Young Female Human/2

Roles: Trish Widdan/6, Freelance Journalist/3

Skills: Knowledge(journalisim/6), Knowledge(newspaper terminology)/6, Languages(english, french, german, italian)/3, Fast Talk/3, Survival/5, Computer Operation/2, Dodge/3, Fighting/2, Ranged Weapon(pistol)/3

Songs: Purity(Eth/3), Shields(Eth/4), Truth(all/6), Memory(all/3)

Attunements: All Seraphim Attunements, All Servitor Attunements of Dominic, Michael and Lithroy, Synchonicity, Choir Angel, The Angel of Truth, True Lies.

The Angel of Truth: As the Angel of Truth, Triuwida automatically suceeds at using his Resonance against any target, ignoring any and all blocks. He always chooses the CD. Triuwida can apply his Resonance to as many people at once as his Celestial Forces, analysing anything they say directly to him. This, like Honorare's can foil a Superior unless they are concentrating on blocking him out.

Choir Angel: Triuwida is connected to ALL Seraphim in the Symphony. At any time with a Perception roll he can consult the Cherubim CD table with regard to any Seraph. Once connected to him he can sense how comitted that Seraph is to the Truth at that point in time. If a Seraph is about to lie, either by action or by omission Triuwida will know about it immediately.

True Lies: This Attunement was unknown to Triuwida until he unconsciously used it against a Balseraph. With the expenditure of 5 Essence and a Will roll, Triuwida can make any lie, True. He stretches out into the Symphony and rearranges the strands that are being falsly plucked into a configuration of Truth. If a man lies about where he was last night to his wife, Triuwida can make it so he was where he said he was. If an employee lies about why he was late to work, Triuwida makes his excuse come True. The first application was used by Triuwida against a Balseraph that used his Resonance to try and make Triuwida believe that the Balseraph was actually Michael. Needless to say, when Michael was yanked out of Heaven into the Balseraph's vessel the Balseraph did not survive. Michael looked at Triuwida, nodded and calmy ascended. Triuwida has only ever used this Attunement once so far.

Distinctions: Choir Angel

Discord/Dissonance: NONE.


Triuwida was the second of the Choir Angels to phase into existance. The Truth is, as Triuwida will tell you, is that he was actually alive long before he was an Angel. He existed as pure Truth in the Higher Heavens, closer to God than any other being. Of course, he could be telling you a Truth that he MADE true using True Lies.... no one knows, but it comes from a Seraph, so it must be True.

The Seraph never speaks a word that he doesn't mean. There is never a trace of inconsistancy or ambiguity in his voice. Everything he says is True, and if it isn't or it is not going to help enlighten people... he doesn't say it. This means that he is pretty much always silent. It surprises people to know that he speaks almost every Romantic and Germanic language. He uses his Role as Trish Widdan to expose the lies of the world. He is very good, or is that She is very good. Every interview is pointed and factual and every column she has ever written has been God's honest Truth.

Triuwida is the unofficial leader of the Choir Angels. He was never appointed, nor has he ever ordered another Choir Angel to do anything. According to Heaven, he just is. It could be the fact the two Seraphim in Heaven occupy two very high Administration roles and it just makes sense to have the Seraph of Truth as the leader. The Truth is of course, that the Choir Angels are not a group. No one ever asks Triuwida if he is the leader, they all assume and Triuwida keeps silent. If only someone would ask.

Dominic always goes slient when Triuwida's name is mentioned and never tolerates any sort of slander against his name. Almost as though he is frightened of him. He knows that Triuwida can make anything come True and he is *very* apprehensive about pissing him off.


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