Wacae (Deceased)

Grigori Choir Angel

Angel of Guidance

By Alex Liddell


Corporeal Forces: 6 Strength: 12 Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 8 Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 5 Will: 8 Perception: 12
Word-Forces: Unknown

Skills: As far as the corporeal realm is concerned, there is no Angel better at getting by than Wacae. He can do anything and is pretty damn good at it. Consider all Skills at level/5. Wacae never learnt to fight or shoot a gun so he doesn't have access to these combat skills.

Songs: All versions at 3 of Healing, Light, Solace, Harmony and Form. He also knew Banishing(cel/2) and Concealment(cel/2).

Attunements: All Grigori Attunements, All Servitor Attunements of Song, The Angel of Guidance, Choir Angel, Synchronicity, Focus

Extra Rites: None

Vessels: "Giant Genderless Human"/2, Human Male/3, Human Female/

Roles: None

Dissonance: 0

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

Wacae was the last of them. He was created on the outskirts of Heaven just before you get to what is Gabriel's Volcano today. Wacae walking into Heaven saw what had passed during the Fall. He was deeply saddened by what had transpired over Humanity. He quickly met with the other Choir Angels and descended to Earth.

His guiding nature was a welcome one, but he constantly felt the conflict in his nature. The other Grigori were becoming *too* human and he felt that it was his job to straighten them out and remind them what their purpose was. This was not met well. Wacae tried and tried to council them the right way but to no avail. When the trail came Wacae didn't even bother to go. He knew what had happened when the first pang of his Choir Angel attunement hit him. Then the second, and the third. Wacae took Celestial form.. for the first time since he left Heaven and disbanded into the Symphony. The Grigori as a Choir felt his passing.... and couldn't care less.

Wacae is never, ever, ever spoken about in Heaven. He is not a hot topic.

Angel of Guidance: Wacae can automatically use his Resonance and he selects the CD he wants. This will override all blocks that Celestials can errect except that of a Superior. Since Wacae is as far removed from the Divine as you get, he has no special power over a Superiors misdirections.

Choir Angel: He is connected as a Cherub to all Grigori within the Symphony. With a Perception roll he can locate and analyse any Grigori. If a Grigori is about to violate the laws of Heaven then Wacae will know about it. It was this that tore Wacae apart in the end.

Focus: Wacae had the ability to attune any mortal to their dream/passion/fire in the belly. This was not unlike Gabriel's Friend of the Divine Spark distinction. Wacae can cause that idea to become the thing that a mortal will persue. Of course this can't *force* anyone to keep obsessing over it, that would be unlike the Grigori. He did however, set things up so that the mortal would have an easier time achieving his goals without sacrificing too much of the hardship.


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