Abimael - Background

By Manny Nepomuceno


I had wanted to put those into the writeup, but I decided that it was better to leave some questions unanswered. But since this isn't canon (and the final answer really does depend on me), here's what I think my answer would be, if I ever decided to give a definitive answer to the question. :)

Once there was a Balseraph of Fate. His name wasn't Abimael, but what it was isn't really important to the story. Maybe he was a good Balseraph of Fate, or maybe he was ready to redeem. But one way or another, he came to Kronos's attention.

Kronos had an interesting idea right around that time. It involved Balseraphs of Fate...after all, they believed they were angels, and had angelic resonances to boot. Those with the Malakim resonance were especially interesting, seeing as how Malakim were formed as Heaven's response to the Fall. And Superior-level ineffability being what it was, Kronos was fairly sure that the Balakite might be able to pass for a real Malakite.

There was, however, a slight problem with making the Balakite into a Superior. Demon Princes and Archangels are both Superiors...but they're not the same kind of Superior, and the light of Heaven is particular about burning only Demon Princes.

So Kronos reached deep into a pool of loose Forces and created three more Balseraphs of Fate. This time, each of them were gifted with the Seraphim resonance. Then he did what no one had thought possible: he taught his three new Balseraphs the Trisagion.

When Lucifer arrived, they were all ready and waiting. The Balseraph-Malakite stood in the center of a pentagram, pride and disdain written clear on his face. The Balseraph-Seraphim stood to one side, preparing to sing the Trisagion. Kronos reached out and removed the smooth metal links from the Balakite's celestial form, stripping away his Malakite oaths -- the Balakite would have to take new ones, after all. Then the Balseraphs-Seraphim began to sing the Trisagion.

At one point during the singing, Lucifer raised the Balakite to Superior level...and vanished. So did the Balseraphs singing the Trisagion...and all that was ever found of them were ashes, scattered around a bloody pentagram. The being at the center of the pentagram was now a Malakite, and an Archangel to boot...but owing allegiance to Hell first, and to Kronos. He swore his new oaths, binding himself -- but he was still a Balseraph at heart, and he made himself believe that God had created him thusly.

And he chose a name for himself: Abimael, "a father sent from God", the better to enter Heaven's graces. He bowed once to Kronos and left, appearing at the gates of Heaven.

And the rest you know; Abimael was granted only a hundred angels. When the last of the hundred die, Abimael will fight alone, and die alone (although Laurence and Michael will do their best to keep that from happening). Abimael has a simple mission: prove the futility of the angelic struggle. His angels are few, but they represent the finest of Heaven's forces which, ultimately, must be swarmed over by the Hordes of Hell.

Kronos is pleased.


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