Abimael, Malakite Archangel of the Hundred

By Manny Nepomuceno


The world is a battlefield on which we must prove ourselves.

The story, at least as far as it is known in Heaven: Abimael appeared, one day, at the gates of Heaven, with ten other angels never seen within its walls. They were not Redeemed demons. They were not fledged relievers. They were simply angels who had never been in Heaven.

The new Archangel made straight for the Council Spires, with his guard trailing at his heels. Addressing the Seraphim Council, he declared himself and announced that he would be recruiting Servitors from his fellows' ranks: ninety in all, across the spectrum of Words and factions, until his host stood at one hundred angels. It was, he claimed, his mandate from God. And he allowed the Seraphim among them to resonate him, to determine the Truth of the matter.

And it was True; God himself had decreed it. Abimael would be allowed to recruit from among the Servitors of his fellow Archangels.

Drawing a deep breath, Abimael next requested that these Servitors be permitted to retain all their old rites, attunements, and Distinctions, as Abimael himself had none to offer them. There was some confusion about this, until Abimael revealed that he had no Word to bind them to.

It took several days for the furor to die down. When his time in the Council was over, he and his ten chosen angels began to move about Heaven, speaking to select celestials. Three days later, the Hundred was complete, and Heaven's newest Archangel took up residence in a wing of Laurence's Cathedral.

Hell's learned, to its detriment, that Wordless didn't mean worthless. Abimael himself would often join the fray alongside his Servitors, and it's rumored that he's even thrown a Demon Prince or two back into Hell (most speculate that Haagenti and Mammon were the Princes in question, but not a few have noticed that Belial and Saminga have been particularly cranky lately.) The Hundred were not bound to a Word, but they were certainly bound to each other...and bringing in more demons to take down the angels simply meant that the Sword or War had more time to respond to Abimael's call for support.

Since then, however, some of the Hundred have been soul-killed in battle. Abimael has not so far replaced them: when asked about this, he says that he is uninterested in doing so. God only gave him one hundred angels for a reason, and while he doesn't really understand God's logic or rationale, he's going to fulfill his end of the bargain.


It is dissonant for a Servitor of Abimael to withdraw from combat from demons. It is also dissonant for a Servitor of Abimael to refuse a request for assistance from another of the Hundred. By some feat no Archangel has yet been able to duplicate, Abimael's Servitors are also freed from their original Archangel's dissonance conditions.

Choir Attunements

Abimael offers no Choir Attunements. However, all of his Servitors have the ability to recognize fellow angels of the Hundred on sight, regardless of vessel or host, and to recognize the Truth or falsehood of any communication from a fellow angel of the Hundred.

Servitor Attunements

Abimael offers no Servitor Attunements.


Abimael offers no Distinctions.


To be a Servitor of Abimael is to be a member of one of Heaven's most highly regarded organizations. Even Servitors of Flowers respect the Hundred, seeing the work they do. Some of the Hundred protect hospitals, orphanages, and charities, while others hunt demons. It has been noted that Servitors of Abimael do tend to petition their old Archangels for boons on behalf of peers that would normally have no access to such boons. It's not unknown for a former Servitor of Creation to have attunements from Gabriel, extra rites from Novalis, a distinction from Zadkiel, and access to one or two of Jean's artifacts. Abimael makes no secret of his agenda: to kill or redeem as many diabolicals as he can before himself dying. His angels are just as fanatical.

The Hundred treat themselves as members of a brotherhood, and act accordingly: the only exception to this rule are the ten angels who followed Abimael into the Council Spires. They have all since been Distincted (at least Master-level distinctions) by other Archangels, and act as Abimael's lieutenants when he is unavailable. This rarely happens even celestial politics can't keep Abimael away from the corporeal plane and the task of killing demons. Since he's clearly under a death sentence, given by God himself, the other Archangels grant him a great deal of latitude.


No one is really sure where Abimael gets his Essence, but it seems he always has enough to share with his Servitors.


Abimael gets along very, very well with his peers. After all, he didn't take too many of their Servitors, and he does excellent work even the Order of the Eternal Sword takes pointers from angels of the Hundred. Strangely enough, the only Archangel who seems uninfluenced by Abimael's charisma and daring is Yves, who admits to relying on faith when dealing with the Archangel of the Hundred.

Allied: Michael, Laurence
Associated: All else, except
Neutral: Yves

Chance of Invocation: 8

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A demon within line-of-sight
+2 A meeting involving at least three demons
+3 A meeting involving at least ten demons
+4 A demonic Tether
+5 A pitched battle with agents of Hell
+6 A pitched battle where a Demon Prince is involved


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