Amalgam: Andrevid

By Phillip



Malakite Archangel of Unity

The world is brought together in love, and we must defend it against those who would see it seperated.

Andrevid, a Mercurian, was one of the earlier angels, and performed much assitance in the creation of the Earth. However, in all that time, he always felt... lost, uncertain of his true connection to the Symphony. He felt that there should be some binding agent for the Symphony, something that could bring everything together. When Blandine and Beleth declared their love for each other, he felt he had found it. He immediately went before God and asked for the Word of Unity, so that he could promote this new ideal.

Time passed, and Andrevid fostered his Word, amongst angels, animals, plants, and even the early humans. The Eden experiment came and went. That had worried Andrevid to some degree, but in the end they left together, so he was still pleased.

Then Lucifer's talks began, as he tried to sway other angels to his side of the argument. Andrevid didn't particularly agree with him, and for the large part ignore him, up until he saw what he was doing with Blandine and Beleth. Seeing the two, the first lovers seperated disturbed him greatly. Never before had he seen anything that could do such. The sense of betrayal in his Word welled within him, and for a time he felt uncertain of what to do. That is, up until the Fall.

When the Fall came, Andrevid felt something come over him. A sense of anger towards the Lightbringer, for the seperation he had brought to Heaven. In that moment, Andrevid joined many other angels in becoming one of the Malakim and joined in the fray against the rebels.

Nowadays, Andrevid still works hard to promote his Word in the Symphony, but it is tempered by that sense of betrayal so long ago. He despises anyone who would seek to destroy relationships, a throwback to his Mercurian nature. In Heaven's politics, he stands at an odd point: technically a part of the Peace faction, but still of a decidedly militant bent. He sincerely hopes that the rebels will return, seeking a reunion with the Light of God, but if it is ever clear that Armegaddon was nigh, he would fight the battle without hesitation. His closest friend amongst the Superiors is, ironically enough, Novalis, and it is said sometimes that even the Archangel of Unity (especially him, if you think about it) needs someone he can feel at one with sometimes.


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