Calliel, Archangel of Peace

By Michael Walton


The world is weary of battle. Let it rest.

In the aftermath of Armageddon, Heaven found itself leaderless. The loss of the Archangels would've crippled the Host if the remains of the Seraphim Council had not acted quickly to rebuild. The new Archangel of Light received her Word directly from God, of course; others were appointed from among the high ranking Servitors of the deceased Superiors. Calliel is one of these successors. Even before Armageddon, there were many battles in the War. Some were mere border skirmishes, while others were major engagements. Many lesser angels gave their Vessels in such battles, and some even suffered soul death. Among the survivors was Calliel, Malakite Master of War. As he viewed the carnage in the aftermath of these fights -- many of which he thought were pointless -- his heart broke to see his fellow angels and their Human charges suffering. As one who was prepared to die in battle, Calliel had never before considered the cost of war to noncombatants. After millennia of witnessing battle after battle, Calliel asked Michael for permission to study the cost of war. Michael wisely gave his blessing, and the Malakite went out into the Earth to the worst trouble spots that he could find seeking the answers that he hoped would make sense of what he felt.

The compassionate Virtue had been on his quest for well over a century when the demons stormed Heaven's gates. True to his honor, Calliel returned to fight the Horde -- but this time, there was a difference. Where before he would've shown no mercy to any demon or Hellsworn, now he fought to subdue rather than kill and accepted any surrender which his Resonance told him was genuine. Calliel personally captured more than 20 demons that day, most of whom survived Redemption after Heaven's victory. When Heaven was done licking its collective wounds, Calliel reported to the Seraphim Council with a bold request. "Novalis is gone," he said, "But there is yet need for the work that she did. This I have learned; there is no honor in pointless killing, but power restrained is to be commended. I ask you to grant me the Word of Peace. If you find me unworthy, tell me what you require and I shall make myself worthy." The Seraphim present recognized the Truth of Calliel's words, so the Council made him the second of the new Archangels.

Calliel is primarily a diplomat and healer. Novalis' former protectorate of plant life is something that he leaves to the new Archangel of Nature. Unlike Novalis, even the most warlike angels have no cause to see Calliel as weak or lacking the will to fight. His record as a Servitor of War speaks for itself. Also, his experience under Michael has taught him that being prepared for war is sometimes the best way to keep the peace. Calliel never raises his fist in anger, but those who start fights find that his fist is as powerful as ever. Like Novalis, Calliel will always try kindness first. But when kindness fails, he will protect the innocent by any means necessary.


Angels of Peace are not allowed to initiate or escalate violence; they may not start fights, nor may they employ greater force than is used against them. They must also render whatever aid they can to any wounded person (demons and Hellsworn excluded) whom they encounter. "Wounded" in this case includes mental and emotional wounds!

Choir Attunements

Seraphim: Calliel's Seraphim know the Ethereal Song of Succor for free at a level equal to their Ethereal Forces, and can play it at no Essence cost.

Cherubim (Restricted): The love of a Guardian of Peace is gentle armor. Damage inflicted on her attuned is reduced by the CD of the angel's Resonance roll. This protection applies to all damage done in a single round rather than to individual attacks. Most of Calliel's Cherubim prefer female Vessels.

Ofanim (Restricted): Ofanim of Peace automatically succeed on their Resonance when evacuating noncombatants or wounded from the battlefield. The CD is equal to the angel's Corporeal Forces, and the player may roll to try for a higher CD.

Elohim: Calliel's Elohim know what to say to defuse a tense situation. They add their Celestial Forces to either the TN or the CD (decide before rolling) of any attempt to talk their way out of a fight.

Malakim: Virtues in the service of Peace -- and there are more than Novalis ever had -- can create a "circle of honor" in which anyone (including the angel) must succeed on a Will roll in order to use greater force than is used against them. This prevents a demon from drawing a gun on an unarmed angel, or stops an attacker from following through against a target who doesn't fight back. The circle has a radius in yards equal to the angel's total Forces, and the roll is made at a penalty equal to the angel's Celestial Forces. Celestials and Ethereals add their Celestial Forces to their Will rolls. Erecting a circle of honor costs 1 Essence.

As a Malakite, Calliel well understands the First Oath. He makes it very clear to his Virtues that Redemption is one way of not suffering an evil to live.

Kyriotates (Restricted): Calliel's Dominations heal their Hosts with their mere presence. When the Kyriotate takes possession, a wounded Host instantly regains Body Hits equal to the angel's total Forces (up to the maximum for that body). This effect also cures most diseases and purges the body of toxins, though supernatural or especially virulent maladies may persist. Kyriotates of Peace also add their Corporeal Forces to any attempt to possess someone who is within (angel's Celestial Forces) Body Hits of dying.

Mercurians: No weapon formed against these Friends of Man will prosper. With a successful Will roll, a Mercurian of Peace can cause a weapon within his line of sight to malfunction in some way. A gun jams, a bowstring breaks, a sword is dropped, a Relic fails its Song, etc. On a Divine Intervention, the weapon is destroyed and can never be repaired.

Bright Lilim: Gifters of Peace need not make eye contact to detect Needs for physical, psychological or spiritual healing; they only require line of sight to the subject. If they use supernatural powers to fulfill such Needs, they do not disturb the Symphony.

Servitor Attunements

Cost of War: The angel gains a limited prescience that tells him what effect an impending conflict will have on a given entity (an individual, a family, a community, etc.). The angel must concentrate on the subject and make a Perception roll. Because this Attunement is a limited form of prophecy, answers tend to be cryptic. The angel will generally get the most likely outcome, and even that will usually be wrapped in metaphor.

Flag of Truce: By displaying a traditional symbol of non-aggression, the angel can prevent violence. Anyone capable of perceiving the Flag must succeed on a Will roll or be unable to attack. This roll is at a penalty equal to the amount of Essence that the angel spends to power the Attunement. The effect immediately ends if the angel leaves the area or initiates an attack of any kind (including verbal).

Merciful Stroke: At the cost of 3 Essence, the angel can land a single blow that renders her opponent unconscious for (angel's Perception x 5) minutes. The target gets a Strength roll to resist, and Celestials and Ethereals add their Corporeal Forces. This Attunement does not work if the angel intends to kill the target later or if she knows (or even suspects) that any of her companions do.


Vassal of Peace: As the Seraph of Flowers Attunement, except that the base range is doubled.

Friend of Solace: The holder of this Distinction does not create Disturbance and need not spend Essence when playing any Song of Healing.

Master of Sacrifice: Every wound inflicted upon the angel heals others. Each Hit of any type that the Master suffers heals two Hits of the appropriate type to every innocent or anyone serving the cause of Heaven within (total Forces x 3) yards. This power stops working if the angel fights back (but healing oneself is not considered fighting back).


Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A dove
+2 A sword beaten into a plowshare
+3 No weapons within one mile
+4 On the site of a battle that ended in truce
+5 A signed peace treaty between warring nations
+6 The blood of someone who died to prevent a war


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