Consider Judgment

By Prodigal


A thing Is, or it Is Not.

This is such a simple fact, and yet so many fail to understand it. All things return to this. They accuse both myself and those serving me of "only seeing things in black and white," in denial of the fact that this is all there is to see. All things either Are or Are Not; all questions ultimately are answered Yes or No, if you but ask them properly. Even the most complex of questions, the ones that lead to the "shades of grey" those who fail to comprehend the methods I and mine utilize, are nothing but a mixture of black and white - of things that Are, or Are Not, if you will.

When I brought Michael to trial, the question was not "Are you justified in the pride you have shown?" No, it was "Are you guilty of Pride?" Until it was established whether Michael Was or Was Not guilty of Pride, whether he Was or Was Not justified in doing so could have any meaning.

Likewise, since the question of whether Uriel Was or Was Not causing more harm than good in his prosecution of his Crusade upon the Ethereals has not been (and now can not be) answered, due to his elevation to the Higher Heavens, asking whether he Was or Was Not justified in doing so is an excercise in futility.

Even so with Gabriel - since he refused to answer the question of whether he Was or Was Not fulfilling the duty tasked to him by Yves with proper faith, I have no way of knowing whether she Is or Is Not serving with perfect faith today.

This is why it is so important that Eli be brought before me for questioning, and trial if need be. For he either Is or Is Not now aiding Hell more than he aids Heaven in his absence. This is a question that I must have the answer to, more than any other that faces me.

For I Was negligent in my duties when the Lightbringer sought to seduce me away from God, and that Is why so many among the Host have fallen, both during the original rebellion, and since.

And a second rebellion Is Not something I can allow to happen.


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