Consider Hunger

By Rolland Therrien


I'm Hungry...

...Ok, yeah, I know. I'm ALWAYS Hungry, but still. That's what I am, really. Hunger. Hunger given form and flesh. I'm always Hungry, never sated. I eat ton after ton of food, but I'm never full. I gorge myself of rare meats, exotic spices, sugary sweets and plump fats, but I've yet to feel satisfied with a meal.

Maybe that's what happens when you devour Oblivion; it stays with you, becoming a bottomless pit inside your gut, constantly gnawing at your insides, howling to be filled, if not by what you feed it, then by your own flesh, which it tears and pulls at like a clawing beast...

You gonna finish that? Oh, thanks. *Munch-munch-munch* Urp! ...Sorry, now where was I? Oh yes, the Hunger...

It's always with me, day in, day out, 24/7. It's what drives me on, really. Forget Honor, and Glory, and all that jazz. Let the other Princes go for stuff like getting attention or winning glory in battle or satisfying old grudges...

Me, I've got a Mouth to Feed. Mine.


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