Eklizeal, Grigori Archangel of the Rain

By Sirea Theyal


The world will be healed by soft rains...

Eklizeal was created in 14,000 BC, a Force-daughter of Janus and Oannes. She was made to represent the bond between the Wind and the Waters, and to aid both Archangels in promoting the more metaphorical aspects of the Words among humanity. The Watcher dearly loved her parents, their Words, and humanity. She worked tirelessly to heal and inspire mankind, moving them along the currents of their lives. Around 13,000 BC, both her parents asked the Seraphim Council to bind her to the Word of the Rain, making her a true representation of the alliance between the two elements.

The Word came naturally to her, and her work did much to aid the Wind and the Waters, restoring humanity of the damage demons did, and helping them move to ever greater things, even as she invoked her wrath to stop the infernal onslaught.

Then came the Outcasting.

It came as a total surprise to Eklizeal, who had never thought to involve herself with humans so intimately, much less bear children with them; the Nephallim shocked and disgusted her, and the realization of her Choirmates sins left her in a state of hurt denial. She appealed to her parents and to Dominic as often as she could to have the outcome of the trial changed, but the Archangel of Judgment's word was final, and in 11,600 BC, Eklizeal left Heaven to join her Choir in exile.

Bitter and upset, the Giant forsook her Choirmates, innocent or not, and wandered the corporeal realm in a state of continual anger. She took her wrath out on any demons or humans that crossed her path, hoping fervently to be recalled to Heaven, where she could continue to faithfully serve her Archangels and God -- as more time passed though, the more obvious it became that she may never be able to go home.

10,000 years after her Outcasting, Eklizeal was called by Oannes in secret, to aid him in the battle to destroy Vephar. Eklizeal eagerly took to the calling, and fought furiously against the demons of the Oceans, as her father tore apart the Calabite Prince. When the battle was done, the Archangel of the Waters retreated to the island of Thera, where he sought to heal himself of the many injuries he has suffered from fighting.

Eklizeal stayed with her father, speaking with him often as she helped treat his wounds, happily reminiscing of old times when she had served him and Janus in Heaven. Oannes promised his daughter to see if he could someone allow her to serve again, if only in secret, and the Angel of the Rain was calm and happy for a time, knowing that her faith would reward her.

Then Belial killed Oannes.

Eklizeal was caught totally off guard, and could do nothing but watch as her father was brutally murdered by the Prince of Fire, whom Eklizeal had hated since her creation -- and now, she stood powerless as Oannes screamed in agony, his Forces burned away by the Destroyer.

Eklizeal ran, as Thera exploded, submerging herself in the waters, swimming down as deep as she could go, hiding in the darkness of the deep as she wept. She stayed there in the darkness for the next 100 years, cursing Belial, cursing herself, cursing all of the Symphony for having ruined her life and smashing her hope to pieces.

Eventually, the currents carried her to the surface, and she crawled up upon the beach, her heart caught in a state of utter apathy and unspeakable anger. The skies above began to boil with rain and thunder, and Eklizeal could hear the siren call of the Pit, dark promises of vengeance and destruction, of becoming a terror to the angels who turned away from her, the demons who hurt her, and the humans who had caused her Choir to fall into sin. She swayed on the edge of a Fall, ready to dive into the waters of a selfish symphony, when she saw something calmly swimming in the water -- a simple fish, but one that possessed a single Force of her slaughtered father.

Eklizeal stopped. She remembered why she had been created, what her purpose had been, what it still was, and she bowed her head in humility. She had come so close to abandoning her nature, that she could only beg God to forgive her, weeping for the loss of her father and her ability to help the humans she loved.

At that instant, the clouds parted, the storm subsided, and inside of herself Eklizeal heard the Voice of God. She walked away from the beach an Archangel, her soul calmed and filled with new purpose. She knew what she had to do, and she would not fail the Almighty. The reasons for her ascension, if it was known to the celestial world, would be a subject of much debate... but Eklizeal does not question why, and only strives to serve.

Years passed. Angels, some Outcast, and some not, have vanished over time into the corporeal, never to be heard from again. Judgment assumed they had died or Fallen; some did, yes, but some had heard a calling, and found their way instead to the Archangel of the Rain; as did many demons who sought Heaven.

Eklizeal acts subtly, as is expected of a Watcher; she is well hidden from the eyes of the celestial world, and wishes to stay that way until the time when she must reveal herself. She and her few Servitors work behind the backs of others to heal mankind, performing many of the old duties of the Waters; adverting stagnation, calming souls, and inspiring humans to keep moving and improving themselves. Angels of the Rain are also dire enemies of Belial, but they hold their anger in check, and instead work to subvert the Word of Infernal Fire, in hope of it one day dying out.


It is dissonant for a Servitor of the Rain to act with unnecessary anger, to intentionally provoke someone into anger, or to not try to calm someone who is angry, if the angel can reasonably do something about it. Note that attacking a demon does count as provoking someone into anger, but not if the demon is attacking somebody else already.

Choir Attunements
(Rainies, Eklizites, Wetheads, Raindrops)
(Note: Concerning Songs, Servitors of the Rain get a bonus to the Songs of Harmony, Storms, and Water)

Seraphim: While standing in a natural rainstorm, a Seraph of the Rain can spend 1 Essence to know if there are any other celestials standing out in the rain also, with the range of detection equal to the Seraph's Corporeal Forces in square miles.

Cherubim (Restricted): Whoever a Cherub of the Rain attunes to will be very calm and relaxed; they will not become angry naturally, and can add the Cherub's Ethereal Forces to any roll to resist supernaturally induced anger (such as the Habbalite resonance). Ofanim (Partially Restricted): As Eklizeal often implements many careful plans that may require a long wait, her Wheels do not take dissonance from inaction if specifically ordered to wait by Eklizeal, one of her Masters, or whoever is the acting leader on a official mission. They also always know the exact distance and direction to the nearest rainstorm.

Elohim (Restricted): If an Elohite of the Rain detects anger in someone through his resonance, he will automatically know what will calm the target down -- note though, that sometimes this will be impossible to do, especially if the target is a supernatural entity ("You resonate the screaming man, and see to calm him down you would need to kill every Servitor of Michael in a 100 mile radius").

Malakim: Striking with the driving purity of rain, a Malakite of Eklizeal may spend 1 Essence to inflict Soul hits with her next attack. However, the damage cannot remove a Force.

Bright Lilim (Restricted): If a Bright Lilim of the Rain senses a negative Need in someone she resonates, she can help to erase it. The only prerequisite is that the target must have some concious desire to rid himself of the Need. If this is true, then the Gifter can start to cleanse it. For every six hours she spends with the target, counseling him about the Need, she can permanently erase one level of it. This requires a successful Will roll minus the level of the Need on the behalf of the target, which cannot be enhanced with Essence. A negative Need in this case is defined as a Need that causes harm to others, or is bringing the target closer to his Fate (GM's call).

Kyriotates (Restricted): A Domination of the Rain can automatically possess anyone who has been standing out in a natural rainstorm for (seven minus the Kyriotate's Celestial Forces) minutes.

Mercurians: Intercessionists of Eklizeal can hear the echoes of the thoughts of those around them through the rain. If in a natural rainstorm, the Mercurian can pick up the immediate surface thoughts of anyone within (Ethereal Forces) feet.

Grigori: Grigori of the Rain may become partially invisible while in a natural rainstorm. Others must make a Perception roll minus the Grigori's Ethereal Forces (in addition to any vision penalty for the rain, as set by the GM) to see him, and any rolls to attack the angel are reduced by the same amount. This ability costs 1 Essence and lasts for (the Watcher's Ethereal Forces x 10) minutes; it stops working if he gets out of the rain, but will resume if he goes back into the rain again for no additional Essence.

Servitor Attunements End of the Rainbow: This attunement will make a rainbow appear at the end of a rainstorm. What makes this special however, is that the angel can attach a "note" to the rainbow, much like when someone sends Essence with a note to someone in Limbo. If another Servitor of the Rain sees the rainbow, they will automatically get the message along with the angel's "signature". The message can be no more than 15 words in length. For 1 Essence, the message can be made viewable by anyone else the angel chooses.

Flooding: An angel with this attunement can, during a rainstorm, increase or reduce the level of flooding in an area. The water volume can be altered by a factor up to his Celestial Forces for an Essence cost equal to twice the factor used. (e.g., an angel with 3 Celestial Forces can increase the water volume of a flood by 2 or 3 times, which would cost 4 or 6 Essence, respectively). The area affected is about the size of a large neighborhood, but can be increased to the entire area under the rainstorm by doubling the Essence used.

Life Water: With this attunement, the angel can sing the Corporeal Song of Healing for no Essence when in a natural rainstorm. Pure Skies: This attunement allows the angel to purify the rain within a cloud before it falls, purging it of any toxins or foreign substances. This costs 1 Essence for each square mile of rain made pure, and it will stay pure until it falls, regardless of what happens to it before then.

Revealing Rains: For 1 Essence, the angel can reveal any Tethers that are in his immediate area, provided that he knows that there is an Tether nearby, and that there is a natural rainstorm going on at the time. The Tether will glow with a soft white light when revealed, and with a successful Perception roll the aura will be come tinted with a certain color corresponding to the Word it belongs to -- gentle green for Flowers, sickly gray for Technology, bright pink for Lust, and so on. This color coding is up to the GM, and players will have to keep track so they can tell if a Tether is Divine or Infernal. Storm Blade: For 1 Essence, the angel can command drops of rain to become razor sharp, cutting anyone the angel chooses. This does one Body hit per second to anyone affected, and lasts for the angel's Corporeal Forces in rounds. If the target of the attunement gets out of the rain, they will no longer be affected.

Soul Mists: Everytime someone uses a Perception based resonance or information-gathering Song on an angel with this attunement, he may roll his Will. If the check digit of the Will roll exceeds the check digit of the resonance or Song, the Word of the Rain will cloud it, and the celestial will gain no information!

Walk in the Rain: With this attunement, the angel can sense the rough distance and direction of the closest natural rainstorm, and for 1 Essence, can attune himself to the storm, being able to track where it will go, how long it will last, and where it currently is. When the storm dissipates, the attunement ends. All Servitors of the Rain must buy this attunement at character creation.


Vassal of Heavenly Tears: The Vassal can summon a rainstorm once a day, lasting for (angel's total Forces x 20) minutes; it is counted as being a natural storm for all other attunements.

Friend of the Golden Sky: Everywhere the angel goes, people will become calm and serene, like the quiet end after a violent storm. Everyone within sight of the angel will calm down and feel peaceful, even if their anger was supernaturally inflicted.

Master of the Cleansing Rains: This distinction allows an angel to remove dissonance from a repentant celestial, be they angel or demon. The angel and the dissonant celestial must be outside in a natural rainstorm, and the dissonant celestial must be genuinely sorry for his act. If both requirements are met, then the dissonant celestial may begin to confess to the angel why he gained the dissonance, and why he's sorry. One point of dissonance may be removed per hour, which inflicts a number of Soul hits to the dissonant celestial equal to his Celestial Forces plus the dissonance note removed; this damage can remove a Force!

Higher Distinctions

Hunter of the Flame: In addition to those who want to see Oannes alive again, there are those who wish to see Belial dead, as soon as possible. This rank is rewarded to any Servitor proven worthy of it; it allows him to sense any Servitor of Belial within his Celestial Forces in yards. There is rumor of this being given to a select few celestials outside of the Rain's organization...

Keeper of the Waters: Though Servitors of Oannes rank few in number in modern times, many of those who are still around desire to bring back their former Archangel from the oblivion of soul-death. Eklizeal grants this rank to any Servitor who wishes to devote his time to seeking out the Forces of the former Archangel, in the hopes of his resurrection. With a round of concentration, the angel can sense if there are any Forces that were once Oannes' within his Celestial Forces in yards.


There are those that Eklizeal asks her Servitors to aid or hinder, but only if it can be done with zero risk of discovery. No Archangel save Yves knows about her, and though there are many who suspect her existence, no solid evidence can be produced.

Allied: Janus
Associated: Novalis, Jordi, Yves
Hostile: David, Eli

Basic Rites

Expanded Rites

Chance of Invocation: 0

Summoning Eklizeal is difficult, as she works hard to remain hidden from Heaven and Hell both.

Invocation Modifiers (+1 if in a rainstorm of any kind)

+1 A vessel full of rainwater
+2 Submerged in a body of water
+3 A populated area in danger of flooding
+4 In sight of a typhoon
+5 A piece of Noah's Ark
+6 One of Oannes' Forces


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