Successors: A New Archangel

By Cameron McCurry


There are numerous tales to tell about Armageddon. The Servitors of Yves are working around the clock to file them all properly and they are told to anyone who wants to hear them.

There was one that received little notice at first. A relatively minor Demon Princess was caught up in the middle of the battle. She was terrified at all the carnage that was happening at first. Her home was being destroyed and her Servitors were throwing themselves into the fighting to protect her. It brought tears to her eyes to see so much being broken and destroyed that it opened her mind and soul to a moment of clarity. The Symphony hummed inside her and she was filled with a purpose that wasn't born of selfishness. Without hesitation, she shattered her Heart and made it to Heaven.

Heaven was baffled with this refugee. She was known to the Host, of course but they honestly had no idea what to do with her. She was too powerful to consider destroying outright and Michael's Second Trial was getting ready to begin. But the Symphony provided the answer as the Princess was bathed in the light of the Higher Heavens. The Song that was heard stripped away her demonic nature and her Infernal Word. The light grew too powerful for anyone to gaze upon.

And then silence as the light faded away.

When the Host could look upon the angel, a beautiful Mercurian stood before them. She had grown quickly and laughed at the new knowledge she had gained. Her name was heard across the chambers of the Seraphim Council.

Her name was Iolanthe, the Archangel of Delight.


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