Leitmotiv: Dominic - A Dirty Job

By Rolland Therrien


"Genupinon, you're not helping your case!"

Dominic kept staring at the Elohite of Wind currently on the speaker's stand before the Seraphim Council, who was on trial for massive choir dissonance.

"I don't give a damn about my "case", you damn nazi! I told you, I haven't done anything wrong!"

...And for having the discord of Anger. Which was not making the Power very cooperative. Before the Elohite could add anything else, however, Dominic turned around and glared at him, causing the Windy to gulp and slump back silently.

"Now, if you're quite done? Thank you." Dominic held up a filer and opened it to read some of it's contents. "This file states that you remained within the city of San Fransisco for two weeks, time which you spent futily trying to hack into a rock group's computers... Metallica, to be specific, and attempted to fill all their files with Napster file uploads, is that correct?"

Genupion simply crossed his arms and turned away, grumbling slowly. Dominc frowned and coughed before repeating, "Is that Correct?" The Elohite, startled a bit, nodded and mumbled a quick "yes" before slumping in shame again.

"...And this, despite your slowly growing Word disonnance?"

"But you don't understand, Most Just! Some Demon of Media Ass-wipe installed a new Firewall on their computer! I had to do something to humiliate those Napster-crashing dip..."

"Enough! It's Bad Enough you allowed yourself to grow dissonant in regards to your Archangel's Word, but allowed yourself to lose your Objectivity, the basic nature of your choir! Now look at yourself! You're so dissonant I have to block out my Malakite attunment, and you're suffering from the Discord of Anger! I dread to consider what would've happened to your heart if we hadn't found you in time..."

The Elohite, now calmed down, lowered his head in shame, unable to respond to the Archangel's words. Dominic saw the apparent repentance in the subject, and turned to the council of Seraphim to announce his Judgement. "Distinguished Trisagonists, I think it's obvious this Celestial is as yet unfit to return to the Corporeal Plane for active duty in his condition. I recommend assigning him to Celestial duty, performing miscallenous tasks in different areas of Heaven, under the supervision of one of my Cherubim. Your Final Judgement?"

The various Seraphs on the seats of the council argued amongst each other for a moment, then nodded to one another and turned to Dominic, before one of them, a snake with wings of energy, seemingly animated through CGI, spoke out. "We agree with your judgement, Most Just. Genupion may in fact begin his work in the Halls of Progress. We have currently need of someone to debug our servers."

Dominic nodded, then turned to leave, as Genupion was escorted away by a large German-shepeard shaped Cherubim, his appointed "Parole Officer". As he approached the egress to the Council chamber, a female Malakite in dark robes walked up to meet Dominic, holding a tiny kitten with a black leather collar in her hands. When Dominic stopped before her, she handed him the kitten, which he took into his own arms and began scritching it between the ears. "Thank you Bronwen. I hope Solomon wasn't too much of a bother?"

Bronwen, Dominic's conscience, simply smiled and shook her head silently. Dominic nodded and turned back to step out of the council chamber, where his cloak began to melt and shift, the cape spreading out to form his wings, and his cowl turning into a frills, as Dominic revealed his natural Seraphic form, that of a Iron-colored, semi- anthropomorphic Cobra (With arms and hands, to keep holding Solomon). He then took flight, rising up to his personal quarters amongst the highest Council Spires, Bronwen taking flight beside him. As they rose up to the Spire, a whirlwind built up before them, slowly taking the blurred shape of the Ofanite Archangel Janus, before resonating with a voice that sounded like a windstorm: "Dominic! Why did you not send Genupion to me for punishment? I would've dealt with him effectivly!"

Dominic held his kitten closer, the poor thing mewling from the sudden windstorm, then locked his gaze with Janus' own while hovering. "I do not answer to you, Wind. The Word of Judgement is my province, as God assigned me to it. Your Servitor has been judged and punished appropriatly for errors. No More, no less. He shall serve his term here in Heaven until he has worked off his Dissonance and Discord. Then he will be returned to your service, whereupon you can chide him all you want."

Janus frowned, his whirlwind begining to spark with firey lightening, before turning away to leave. "This isn't over, Judge..."

As the Ofanite Superior left, Dominic gently stroke the kitten between the ears to calm it, before silently turning back to his spire to enter his home office. There, he gently placed the kitten on the floor and slithered to his desk, folding his wings back into a cape as his form shifted back to a more humanoid configuration, while Bronwen took her familiar place in a darkened corner of her master's office.

As he sat down to his desk, Dominic took the time to look upon the books stacks at either end of it. On one side was a plaquette with ten commandments written upon them, over more books and scrolls of laws and regulations. On the other end was just one book, bound in iron-shaded scaled leather.

The Judge took the second book, then opened it to the first page, where the name Lucifer Morningstar was written in dark letters, with the epithet "Fallen" written next to it. Underneath Lucifer's name were more names. Andrealphus. Baal. Beleth. Asmodeus. Belial. Kobal... All with the word "Fallen" etched beside their names like a dark title. And under their names where many, many more names, the names of Angels who'd listened to Lucifer's damned heresies and followed him right into Hell.

Dominic sighed and frowned, his eyes watering a bit, before he willed them open as he turned the pages, forcing himself to read through the whole list of Fallen Angels, some still marked "Fallen", others with that word scratched out, the word "Redeemed" replacing it, but not as frequently as the word "Soulkilled" was.

He continued this reading until he arrived to another set of pages, containing the names of an entire Choir. And there Dominic paused again to weep, the memory of the loss of the Grigori still fresh in his memory. He had used the Song of Symphony to call upon God's Judgement on that day, and it resulted in the entire choir's hearts being shattered by the Symphony, resulting in their Casting Out. The memory caused Dominic to slump and begin to weep, until he felt a form run across his lower tail, and he heard a purring.

Dominic placed the book down on his desk and looked down, and saw Solomon rubbing itself against his tail, trying to comfort him. He smiled warmly and wrapped his tail around the tiny kitten, picking it up into his arms, where he craddled the purring feline, stroking it slowly as he rested into his chair, still slumping slightly. He then felt Bronwen's hand rest on his shoulder, and relaxed at her comforting touch.

The Seraph rested there for a moment, staring at the wall, then sighed again and closed his eyes, now filled with tears. "When, Bronwen? When will I finally stop paying for not seeing Lucifer's crimes before it was too late?" In place of verbal comforting, he felt Bronwen's hands clench on his shoulders, and knew she felt his pain.

The Trisagonist nodded. "Yes, I know... I should not blame myself for something that no one saw coming. Nor should I have the Hubris to think I could've stopped Lucifer on my own. But I was the Angel of Judgement, Damn It... I should've seen Lucifer's Heresy for what it was before it was too late."

Dominic frowned, then leaned forward to gently put Solomon back down on the ground, as Bronwen stepped back to her corner, as her Archangel took up the book and closed it, pausing only to look at the title.

Liber Perditio.

The Book of the Lost.

"I've failed twice so far, Bronwen. I didn't stop Lucifer in time, and I didn't stop the Grigori in time." The Seraph placed the book back down, the picked up a rather large folder, with the name "Eli" written in Golden Letters on it. "I won't fail a third time. I will bring Eli back to Heaven, kicking and screaming if need be. He shall answer for his actions, and he will be made to repent his deeds."

He reached down to touch the book bound with his own skin, then closed his eyes. "We've lost already too many to Heresy. I won't allow any more of us to Fall like Lucifer did. No matter what needs to be done, I won't let Eli fall." He then morphed his frills back into a cowl, concealing his face. "If God needs me to be a Javert to Eli's Jean Valjean, then so be it, I shall be that villain. I shall be the Sin-Eater of Heaven, finding Discord before it grows into Heresy. I will be the One who gazes into the Abyss, even though the Abyss stares back without repose."

He then stepped back towards the door, about to return to his duties. Then he paused to speak, more to himself then anyone else. "Let Michael call me Hyena. Let Novalis frown in my presence. Let Gabriel glare at me with her burning gaze. Their scorn means nothing to me."

He then whispered "They could never Hate me for what I do... as much as I hate myself..."

He then stared off onto Heaven, his steely gaze never wavering.


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