Michael, Elohite Archangel of War

By Manny Nepomuceno


The world is a war, raging through the hearts and minds of men.

First-born among the celestials, older than anyone save the ineffable Yves, Michael is an Elohite, an expression of the Symphony's natural inclination towards balance. Proud without being arrogant, deadly without being genocidal, Michael has lived War ever since the Fall, the day when he (and the rest of Heaven's warriors) kicked Lucifer and the Rebels out of Paradise. It's been some time since then, and anyone will tell you that the old Elohite is getting tired of fighting.

The most powerful angel in mind and body, Michael is widely considered Heaven's Champion. He earned this title when he fought down Lucifer, a lowly 18-Force angel facing down a Wordbound Superior. The First of the Fallen wasn't much of a Balseraph back then, unable to press his false Symphony on the enraged Michael. For his part, Michael gained his first note of dissonance, but considers it well earned: God himself removed the note that same day. To this day, all Balseraphs bear a special hatred towards Elohim.

At ease with any weapon (although he is partial to axes and daggers), Michael can often be found in the Groves, teaching his Servitors to fight. He encourages everyone to learn to fight -- angels, human souls, even relievers -- so that Heaven can be better prepared for the final battle. Unlike other militant Archangels, however, Michael understands that fighting is the last resource available to Heaven's warriors: when it comes down to one-on-one combat, it is because all other methods to achive one's objective have already failed. Psychological warfare is one of Michael's innovations: he's been using it for centuries. On Earth, Michael's Servitors strike an uneasy balance between being the toughest fighters in creation and the Symphony's humblest servants. They defer to Laurence, Archangel of the Sword, in matters pertaining to the War, but only because Michael tells them to. Wandering fighters and teachers, they fight to prove that Heaven's cause is Truly more worthy than Hell's.


Michael's dissonance conditions remain unchanged from canon.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim (restricted): By looking into an opponent's eyes, a Seraph of War can learn what his foe believes about the battle -- including all of his battle plans. When activated, this attunement is handled as a standard resonance roll, but success means that the angel receives a bonus equal to the CD of the successful roll to his Dodge for the duration of the battle. Failure does not generate dissonance for the angel.

Cherubim (restricted): Michael's Cherubim earn a bonus to the Power and Accuracy of their attacks equal to their Corporeal Forces when using a weapon they are attuned to. Take note that if the weapon is destroyed in combat, they will suffer dissonance!

Ofanim: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Elohim: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Malakim: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Kyriotates (restricted): Michael's Dominations may take over the vessel of a defeated or unconscious opponent! The Kyriotate takes no dissonance if the vessel is lost or destroyed afterwards. More than one demon has quit the field upon seeing his vanquished comrades rising up against him.

Mercurians: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Servitor Attunements

Howl: When the servants of Michael howl their frightening war cry, all their foes within a number of feet equal to the angel's Corporeal Forces must roll against their Wills or be terrified! They may either flee or suffer penalties to their Dodge, Power and Accuracy equal to the angel's Corporeal Forces.

Proficiency: Unchanged from canonical attunement.


Michael's Distinctions remain unchanged from canon.


Unsurprisingly, Michael sides with the War faction, although he has personal reservations about Janus and his methods (Janus feels similarly about Michael, and returns the animosity). Remembering Michael's patronage of humanity, Jordi is hostile to the Archangel of War. Gabriel also disdains Michael, claiming that Michael is too soft on humans. Michael is on good terms with Yves and Dominic, who still remembers that God himself removed Michael's first -- and only -- note of dissonance.

Allied: Laurence, Dominic (Laurence and Yves are allied with Michael)
Associated: Yves, David (Dominic and David are associated with Michael)
Hostile: Janus (Janus, Gabriel and Jordi are hostile to Michael)


Michael's Rites remain unchanged from canon.

Chance of Invocation: 1

Invocation Modifiers:

+1 A dagger
+2 A battle-axe
+3 An ancient weapon
+4 A castle under siege
+5 A pitched battle
+6 A pitched battle, when Heaven's side is losing


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