Moelane, Ofanite Archangel of Forbidden Knowledge

By Michael Cleveland


The beauty of the world is found in the unknown and unexpected. Let me show you.

The Archangel of Forbidden Knowledge was once a Servitor of Raphael, assisting in collating information that was sent in by field agents and then finding statistical anomalies and abnormalities. After the death of Raphael at the hands of Legion, Moelane found himself in the service of Janus. Given very few specific orders except to 'shake things up a bit', Moelane went through a phase of trying to reorganize the Library. While doing so, Moelane stumbled onto Raphael and Yves's 'Special Collection' - where all the books that the two of them had deemed unsafe were kept.

After that, 'shaking things up' became quite a bit easier...

No one remembers precisely when Moelane actually became a Superior, or how it occurred, or when he'd ever been assigned a Word for that matter, but at this stage of the game, the point is moot. The Servitors of Forbidden Knowledge are considered by the Host to be some of the most fascinating people in Heaven, if also some of the most dangerous. The reaction is somewhat similar to that of most of the Horde to Vapulans - they have some of the most interesting things up their sleeve, but you never know if the device that they're waving around is going to eat its opponent or its wielder.

Moelane never appears in the same vessel twice, but his Servitors can always recognize him on sight. Alternating between fiery and emotional, then passive and quiet the next moment, there is nonetheless an energy in his motions and his words that always conveys a sense of a hidden joke that lies just around the bend.


Servitors of Moelane must always be bringing knowledge that others might shy away from into the light. A Servitor of Moelane can not go more than 3 days without either teaching another about something that they were not meant to know, or searching for new sources of knowledge to draw upon.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim: The Seraphim of Forbidden Knowledge are past masters of Conversational Misdirection, and can often see right through it. If a subject of their resonance is attempting to dance around the truth with Conversational Misdirection, the Seraph gains an additional +2 to the check die of a successful resonance roll.

Cherubim: Cherubim of Forbidden Knowledge are the primary guardians of the caches of books, scrolls and other forms of forbidden knowledge. The Cherub can attune to a particular piece of information that he has access to, and with a check die of 5+ on a resonance roll know the location of whoever else is looking for said information.

Ofanim: The Ofanim of Forbidden Knowledge are some of the best researchers in existence. Their resonance can be applied to computer operation, library use or any other skill that directly applies to finding knowledge.

Elohim: The Elohim of Forbidden Knowledge can look into the eyes of a subject of their resonance and know automatically what their feelings are in regards to a particular topic of discussion - roll only for check die and chance of intervention. The Elohim of Forbidden Knowledge will also know instinctively whether someone is trying to find knowledge in order to supress its release.

Bright Lilim: The Bright Lilim of Forbidden Knowledge can automatically detect a need for Knowledge that the subject believes they do not have clearance for. Roll only for the check die and intervention. A Bright Lilim who has a geasable bit of information and chooses to give it freely can lose a point of Word-gained dissonance in this way.

Malakim: The Malakim of Forbidden Knowledge have an inherent sense of whether or not a person truly wishes to keep something secret. On a successful resonance roll, the Malakite can tell if the subject of their resonance is hiding knowledge, and on a CD of 4+ can gain an insight into what is being hidden from the subject's point of view. This in no way mimics the Seraphim's ability to gain a greater Truth from the Symphony, only from the subject's mind.

Kyriotate: The Kyriotates of Forbidden Knowledge have a better understanding of the human mind than most of their fellows, and therefore have a second option available to them when possessing a host. Upon rolling a successful possession, the Kyriotate has the option to enter the body, but allowing the human to retain control. By doing so, the Kyriotate has the ability to read the thoughts and memories of the host, but if he attempts to take control of the body as per standard possession, the mind is forced away and the memories fade quickly.

Mercurian: The Mercurians of Forbidden Knowledge gain a +2 to the check die of a successful resonance roll, and can automatically know what sorts of knowledge a person is seeking. If the subject is engaged in a discussion of that particular type of knowledge, the resonance roll is automatically successful, needing only to roll for check die and intervention.

Servitor Attunements

Library Card: As Per Yves's Library Card Attunement

Acquire: Similar to Janus's Swipe Attunement, but an object taken will not be noticed missing for the amount of time equal to the Swipe attunement. If the Servitor is stopped and searched, the object will be found on their person.

Minor Globe of Ineffability: By spending 5 Essence, the Servitor can shield himself from prying eyes. For a number of hours equal to his Celestial Forces, any resonance roll directed towards the Servitor with a check die lower than 5 will automatically fail.

Expeditious Withdrawal: This attunement was not originally planned by Moelane, but was upgraded and modified by that noteworthy party after use of other methods achieving the same results began to skyrocket. By spending 3 Essence, the Servitor can instantly find himself transported to a safe place. The Withdrawn party can not be tracked by any means for 8 minutes minus the Celestial Forces of the would-be tracker. If the tracker is a Superior, the attunement will cost 6 Essence and will not prevent the Superior from knowing where they are, but will instead transport the servitor to either the entrance of Special Collections where they can enter Moelane's Cathedral, or to wherever Moelane happens to be at that time.


Friend of the Forbidden: A Friend of the Forbidden can always identify someone is is involved in the concealment of knowledge.

Vassal of Secrecy: Vassals of Secrecy can take a look at any type of forbidden knowledge and know who it is forbidden to - and why.

Master of Propaganda: A Master of Propaganda can look at any media and tell if there are hidden meanings in them and what they are. If the holder of this Distinction is a Seraph, he gains an automatic +2 to the check die of any attempt to resonate media.

Rites (1),(3)


Allied: Litheroy, Janus
Associated: Eli, Yves
Neutral: All others

(Dominic is Hostile to Moelane)

Chance of Invocation: 2 (5 if invoked in Special Collections)

Invocation Modifiers

  1. Being in a library
  2. A Private File Section
  3. Classified Corporeal Documents
  4. Classified Celestial Documents
  5. Proof of a global conspiracy
  6. Proof of something that is CDaU

(1) This is Moe(2), right?
(2) You know, Moe. King of Footnotes.
(3) 'Acquire' means 'get by whatever means work', not necessarily by use of the Attunement.)


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