Valefor, Ofanite Archangel of Dreams

By Charles E. Smith


The world? It needs hope and inspiration. Just do it with style.

No one should have been surprised when the Day of Finality came to pass. Really. It had been building ever since the Fall. But the speed with which Blandine and Beleth turned their Cold War in the Marches into a hot one stunned Heaven and Hell.

It all started when one of Saminga's Impudites gave him a "bright" idea during a debriefing session. The Impudite mentioned to his Dread Prince that it might be easier to rachet up the kill ratio if people started dying in their sleep. After all, sleeping people spend so much time breathing and living even as they sleep. Wouldn't it be better to make them stop completely? Naturally, Saminga thought this was a great idea. So great that he gave the Impudite the Corporeal and Celestial Songs of Dreams and told him to consider his next mission a test. If the Impudite, Mushi, could pull off a workable scheme to frighten sleepers to death, he'd get to be a Knight of the Dead. If he failed, he'd be fodder for Abaddon.

It took Mushi a few weeks to get things set up, but when he did, he acted with uncharacteristic (for Death) intelligence. The few demons he got to infilitrate the Marches with him used props from Shal-Mari angelporn shops and the Celestial Song of Form. They appeared in the Marches from Earth (using the Corporeal Song of Dreams), and masqueraded as angels of Dreams trying to invade the Dark Side of the Marches. As time passed and Saminga became more supportive of the idea, he sent more and more demons to assist Mushi (now a Knight), until it seemed that a veritable army of Dream Servitors was invading at once. Blandine was largely unaware of it all as it occurred on the Dark Side of the Marches. She was aware when Beleth mounted a major offensive into the Light Side of the Marches. Neither side was aware of Saminga's demons, slipping into dreamscapes during the chaos and frightening people to death.

Once war was joined in the Marches, things soon escalated beyond the point where either Laurence or Baal could moderate matters. While this was all going on, Valefor decided to steal something from Heaven. Anything would do, so long as he could get the credit. His real prize was something way more valuable than Michael's Axe or Dominic's Cloak. He wanted to steal Heaven's very sense of security and ease right from under its nose. That would be a theft worthy of the Prince of Theft. He had it all timed. He knew when the guards on the back door into Heaven would be rotating, he knew when Zadkiel (standing sentry in these troubled times) would leave the watch to one of her senior staff to attend to important business, all of it. The one thing he didn't know was Blandine and Beleth's personal timetable.

Just as he crossed into the border between Dreams and Nightmares, the blow fell. The massive Symphonic jangling of two Superiors locked in mortal combat. The two former lovers had taken the field against each other, driven by extremes of passion and hurt, and all the Ethereal Realm felt the Symphonic beating from the showdown. This was no token battle, no show of fangs for the audience. This was the day when all the pain and hurt of the Archangel of Dreams and the Demon Princess of Nightmares made itself manifest. Even Valefor, fast as he was, was unable to clear the Marches before the final, titanic explosion ripped through his being and knocked all his manifestations unconscious.

Sometime later, the Demon Prince of Theft awoke in a cell inside the Celestial Tribunal, personally guarded by the Archangels of Protection, Judgment and the Sword. What was worse, someone had slapped several high-powered artifacts, handmade by Creation himself, onto Valefor, binding him into his vessel, binding his Will, preventing him from using his resonance, and even preventing him from using Essence for any reason! The Word-Dissonance of being in one place longer than three days (and the Light of Heaven) was eating away at him, leaving one very frustrated Calabite unable to express his feelings. A brutal (from his perspective) interrogation followed, attended by Janus of all people. It was enough to make him fume. Until Novalis came.

The Archangel of Flowers visited Valefor in his cell. At first she treated his injuries, but she kept trying to talk to him. Valefor at first was surly. Then he tried charm and flattery, and Valefor has always been charming. Novalis merely smiled and waited. When the Light of Heaven had dissolved Valefor to the point where desperation set in, she saw her words slowly but surely worm their way into the Demon Prince's selfish core. At first, he only considered her words of redemption and light in a selfish manner, as alternatives to destruction. She was patient. Flowers are patient things. It took months, and Valefor was running dangerously low on personal Forces when it happened, but it happened. One day, she visited his cell and a pitiful, crawling Calabite extended a claw and begged for forgiveness, for all the evil he had done. Novalis resonated him with the resonance of a Seraph and heard his words as True. She took his hand and let the Light of Heaven embrace Valefor. And the Light remade Valefor, into the angel he should have been.

But what no one expected was that when it was done, when the Calabite Prince of Theft was a shining Ofanite, no one expected that the soft but unmistakable presence of the Almighty would bestow the reborn Word of Dreams on the penitent. The Seraphim Council was astounded. Janus was mad enough to spit fire. But as Dominic told them, it was the will of God that the newly pentient Ofanite Archangel of Dreams sit amongst the Council, and thus, reluctantly, Valefor has been accepted into Heaven.


It is dissonant for the Servitors of Dreams to cause damage in a dreamscape. It is also dissonant to allow the theft of a mortal's hopes and inspiration if the angel can possibly help it.

Servitor Attunements

Seraphim: Valefor's Seraphim are charged with the inspiration of mortals. These Most Holy gain +2 to all attempts to use the Celestial Song of Dreams. Add another +1 if the Seraph is in a mortal's dreamscape. They must still purchase the Song as normal.

Cherubim (restricted): Unchanged from the canonical attunement. If it ain't broke...

Ofanim: Valefor loves being an Ofanite. The angels of motion who serve Dreams can sweep through the Ethereal Realm like a natural force, and as they do, the dreamscapes they pass through become extremely fluid. Mortals would experience the sensation of being in a wind-tunnel. The Ofanite moves at 2x their maximum rated Agility while in the Ethereal Realm.

Elohim: The Elohim of Dreams can sense the dominant emotions of those whose dreamscapes they are in, and can sense the best way to impose rationality on wild or frightening dreamscapes.

Malakim: Unchanged from canon. Valefor loves these guys, but he insists on certain dress codes for them. They have to be in style, after all, in case they inadvertently enter someone's dreamscape.

Kyriotates: Unchanged from canon. Blandine did have some pretty good ideas, even if they don't match Valefor's inimitable style.

Mercurians: Similar to the Mercurian of Flowers attunement, save for the fact that the effect only applies if a mortal sees a Mercurian in Celestial form within their dreamscape.

Servitor Attunements

Dream Walking: Unchanged from canon.

Chains of the Mind: The same as the Bounded in a Nutshell attunement. (Valefor: "Bounded in a Nutshell?! What was she on?!!")

Healing Dream: Unchanged from canon.

Nightmare Hunter: +2 to all attacks while in the Marches; add an additional +1 if the target is a hostile Ethereal or a former Servitor of Nightmares.

Imaginary Weapons: Malakim love this one. If an angel with this attunement is in a dreamscape when they engage in battle, they can turn anything within the dreamscape into a weapon, regardless of its original intent or function, the same as the Malakite of Creation attunement. And yes, Valefor is aware that he swiped this from Eli. No one said that redeeming a Thief would be easy...

Pool of Illuminated Thought: One of Valefor's new attunements. It enables an angel of Dreams to take a direct look into the memories and life of someone through their dreamscape. The effect only lasts for a number of minutes equal to the angel's Perception, however.


Vassal of the Dreamscapes: +2 to all uses of the Songs of Dreams.

Friend of the Inspired Dreamer: The same effect as Blandineís canonical Vassal of Dreams attunement, save the effect is extended to 1000 yards.

Master of the Dreams of Light: In the corporeal presence of (or the dreamscape of) a mortal whose dreams have not been influenced in any way by a Celestial, the Master generates an aura of hope and positivism that boosts the mortal's Will by a number equal to that of the Master's Celestial Forces. These effects last for an hour, and in addition inspire a burst of creativity, hope, and good will that last for a number of hours equal to the angel's Will.

Special Distinctions

These Distinctions are given to those who perform well in Valefor's service.

Talent Agent: These angels recognize those with great creative potential when they enter the person's dreamscape on a successful Perception roll. These angels work closely with those of Creation, Lightning, and Destiny.

Tracker: On a Perception roll, these specialized angels pick up the direction of the closest Ethereal, Tsayad, or demon of Nightmares.


Chance of Invocation: 2

Invocation Modifiers

Inspire a mortal without using Songs or other Celestial powers....+1
Prevent the theft of a mortal's dreams....+2
Be inside a dreamscape you've successfully defended....+3
Present a trophy of a slain nightmare (a head, a horn, etc)...+4
Stand in the presence of a mortal you've inspired in their dreamscape...+5
Hold a Force of either Blandine or Beleth....+6

Personality: Valefor has been redeemed, reborn into a new life of light and hope. The celestial who made a living of breaking the rules now lives to enforce the order of the Marches and to begin to make restitution for all that he has done. Still flashy, showy, and debonair, but now with the manic speed of an Ofanite behind him, the new Archangel of Dreams is slowly working to earn the trust of his long-time enemies. And of course, to strike blows against Hell with all the zeal of a convert. On a positive note, his old problems with controlling his anger seems to have cleared up. He's now perfectly in control of his anger, and it's all directed solely at Hell and its Princes.

At the same time, he feels a lasting debt to Blandine and to Novalis, whom he credits with his salvation. Much as he sometimes vocally criticizes his predecessor's choices, he deeply respects the first Archangel of Dreams, and has sworn to do everything in his power to be worthy of her Word and the support of her servitors. He is determined to cleanse the Marches of any remaining taint of Hellish influence, redeem or destroy the Tsayadim, and purge any negative Ethereal influences once and for all. He is willing to work with the good-aligned Ethereals and anyone else who will deal with him, but he refuses to let politics or much of anything stop him from cleansing Blandine's realm and ending the threat in the Marches once and for all.

Allied: Everyone except Janus (Eli, Christopher, Gabriel, Novalis, and Zadkiel are allied with him. Yves, Michael, and Litheroy are associated with him. Everyone else is neutral, save Janus.)
Neutral: Janus.

The City of Dreams

Imagine Shangri-La and Atlantis rolled into one. The City of Dreams is a sprawling metropolis, built to embody the most noble of all mortal dreams. Here there is no crime, no danger or corruption. The streets and buildings are of precious metals and gems, or chocolate and candy canes. Every sort of positive dreamscape is embodied and represented here, from the child who dreams of flying to the college student who dreams of being the next Einstein, it all has a place here and it is all tended to by the Servitors of Dreams.

Valefor makes his home in Blandine's Tower, rebuilt after the cataclysm that killed his predecessor and her enemy. The tower has been built to its exact former specifications and has not been otherwise tampered with in any way. This was done in honor of Blandine. The Tower resides in Hope Park, at the center of the City of Dreams.

Superior Opinions

Christopher: Valefor has done a lot to repair the Marches after Blandine's death. While he can never replace her, I am glad that he sponsors the dreams of children. I hope he'll do well. (Chris is a great guy. Between what he knows about how kids think and what I'm doin' in the Marches, we'll have the dreams of the future back in shape in no time!)

David: He proved strong enough to reject his former nature, under the greatest trial of his life. Let us see if he is strong enough to fill Blandineís shoes. (David ain't all that bad, for a Virtue. I was wrong about him before, but then I was wrong about a lot of stuff back then.)

Dominic: He has been Judged by a Higher Authority, and not found wanting. He still bears watching. I am, however, pleased at the level of his cooperation and his dedication to order in the Marches. (God gave him such a hard job, and he bears it as best he can. I don't think the others get him, but we're cool. He helps me, keeps me from going overboard like Uriel did, and I help him maintain order as best I can.)

Eli: Glad he finally took that hit and relaxed a little, opened his heart some. Dude still throws some awesome parties, and his Talent Agents make my work so much easier. Dreams and Creation are going to bring about a new age of inspiration, just you wait! (Eli is the Man! This is what a partnership is supposed to be! Yeah, he still wanders around a lot, but it's cool. I help his people out and between us, we make beautiful dreams and bring them to life. Can't wait till we get him back for good!)

Gabriel: The torch has been passed. I grieve the loss of Blandine, but her fire burns anew in Valefor. He sparks the inspiration that I fan into flame, and exposes the cruel who were his companions. It is good. (Gabby isn't as bad as everyone seems to think. You'd be screwed up too, if you had to share space with a Calabite Prince. Trust me on that. Sooner we deep-six Belial's ass, the better.)

Janus: I don't trust him. All things change, yeah, but I don't know if Valeforís really changed his nature, or if he's just faking. But then, God gave him a Word. We'll see. (I have nothing against him. Hell, I wouldnít trust me either, if I were him! I'll work on him.)

Jean: He has been selected by God. Presumably, one can infer that he will do well in his new position. Still, I wait for empirical evidence of his effectiveness before passing judgment on him or his methods. (Jeanís cool. We don't work much together directly, but I let him help with dreams of technology and let him try to examine dreamscapes. Still a little spooky, all that Elohite objectivity, but it's better than Habbalite delusions, that's for damn sure!)

Jordi: So the Thief claims he's reformed. Heh. Can he ever repay the lives of the animals whose skins he stole? Can he return the joy he took from the animals who died for his profit and amusement? Achieve that, stealer of life, and then we shall speak. (Jordi has some issues, but whaddya expect? I gave him good reason. I just have to give him reason not to hate me.)

Khalid: Allah has seen fit to save the soul of a Demon Prince. I cannot help but take on faith that he will serve well in the place of my sister Blandine. (Without Faith, what's left?)

Laurence: A Demon Prince who has seen the true Light of God. He is an example of hope to the benighted hordes of the enemy. I believe Blandine would have been proud of him, and I enjoy the latitude he gives my forces in the Marches. (Sure, he's a little preachy, but the Sword is one tough customer, and I'm glad I'm on his side now. Together we'll wipe out the last traces of Hell in the Marches.)

Litheroy: He has revealed the Truth of God to Hell, forcing them to acknowledge that even the most selfish of beings can Redeem. The Light of Valefor's Redemption exposes the inherent weakness of Hell. (He's not all that bad, but we're going to have a long talk about revealing things in people's dreams without my permission.)

Marc: He honors his contracts, including the contract he has made with God. We can do business. (My people go to his when they need stuff for the Corporeal Plane. It's safer that way, keeps me from reverting back to old, bad habits. I'm grateful for Trade's assistance.)

Michael: God has made his will known, so I welcome Valefor. I look forward to working with him to end the War. The intelligence from his debriefing will go a long way towards that goal. (Are you kidding me? Michael is da Man! Well, next to Eli anyway. I knew Baal. Trust me, Michael's gonna walk all over him at Armageddon.)

Novalis: He has made peace with himself, and with God. I am so happy that he has found the Light, and that his pain is now reborn into purpose. (I owe Novalis, more than I can possibly say. You get the chance to help her out, you do it, hear?)

Yves: He reaches towards his Destiny, and yet, it is greater than even he knows. I shall be watching Valefor quite closely, in the centuries to come. (A damn sight better than Kronos, and you can tell Hell I said that too! Dreams and Destiny belong together.)

Zadkiel: He protects the dreams of mortal beings. How can I help but approve? (Zadkiel has been such a help in getting me adjusted to Heaven. If I can help, she just needs to let me know.)


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