Superior What-If: Blandine

By Mason Kramer


Beleth left.

That was when she knew it was all going to Hell in a hand-basket, even before they knew about Hell, or before it even existed. That was when the scales fell from her eyes and she saw the horror that she'd been able to ignore. Brother fighting brother. Angel fighting angel. Michael fighting Lucifer, two of the oldest in creation turned against each other. Angel killing angel... and through it all, her attuned... her beloved... silently at first, then openly supporting the rebellion...

She wandered the Heavens for days, her broken heart shattering further with every horror she witnessed, every battle fought, every life lost... She never could say how long she wandered. She could not count how many atrocities she witnessed, nor could she clearly remember them all.

It wasn't until she came upon the body of one of her children, a Menunite only a century or so old, when she regained her focus. She knelt by the body for a long time, finally, moving to close its eyes, murmuring, "This... isn't right." She stood, looking around at the battleground. "This cannot be right," she whispered, and it is said that the battle reached a lull at that moment.

"This can not be allowed!" she cried, echoing the words of many other angels over the course of the battle. And as new, black wings unfurled from Blandine's back, the nature of Dreams was forever changed....

I will not suffer an evil to live when it is my choice.

I will never surrender in a fight, nor allow myself to be captured by the armies of Lucifer.

I will not leave a dreamscape in worse condition than when I entered.

I will bring hope to those I see in needless fear.

Sidebar: Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams encompasses Nightmares. Never forget that. Beleth has a powerful Word, yes, but her Word is a subset of Blandine's. She fights an uphill battle every night to gain so much as a toehold against Blandine. And it's so hard to care if she succeeds, so very hard... she fights because she must, because Lucifer and the others will destroy her if she shows any signs of weakness, and because she fears Heaven will destroy her if she stops.

And in her heart of hearts, she knows that Blandine will be the one to destroy her.


It is dissonant for an angel of Blandine to take Celestial Form on Earth. It is also dissonant to cause a dreamer's dreamscape to move into Nightmare's territory by action or inaction.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim: As main book.

Cherubim (restricted): Cherubim are able to locate their attuneds' dreamscape on a normal resonance roll if in the Marches when their attuned is asleep. If on Earth, the Cherub can enter the dreamscape by adding his Ethereal Forces to a resonance roll.

Ofanim (restricted): Ofanim of Blandine can add their Ethereal Forces to any resonance roll while in the Marches.

Elohim (restricted): As main book.

Malakim (restricted): Blandine's Malakim are able to spot demonic influence within a dreamscape with a Resonance roll.

Kyriotates (restricted): As main book.

Mercurians (restricted): Mercurians can use dreamers as conduits, travelling along the web of friends and relatives. It requires a resonance roll to find the strand, but travel between the dreamscapes is then automatic. Of course, each party must be asleep in order for the angel to use their dreamscapes as conduits.

Servitor Attunements

Dream Walking: As main book.

Bedtime: Before one can dream, one must sleep. The user of this attunement can send someone to sleep with a will roll, modified by Ethereal Forces, at a touch. If the target is unwilling, he can make a will roll to resist, otherwise he will fall into a deep sleep for at least CD hours.


Vassal of Dreams: The angel may give blissful dreams to any dreamscape he is currently in. Doing so will move the dreamscape to Blandine's side of the Marches, if it is not already there.

Friend of Sleepers: As main book.

Master of the Realms of Night: As main book.


Blandine has little time for politics in this time of war. She rarely personally attends Council meetings, leaving this task for one of her lieutenants unless some item requires her personal attention. When she does cast a vote, it is almost invariably with the so-called War Faction.

Allied: Laurence
Associated: Dominic, Michael, Yves
Neutral: All others, save:
Hostile: Eli

Sidebar: Dreams and The Sword, Dreams and Creation

Blandine and Laurence have had a very close working relationship since he was appointed supreme commander of God's army on Earth. While Blandine rarely works in the Corporeal Realm, and Laurence has little to do in the Marches, the two cooperate quite often. It is common for their servitors to cross-train, giving a versatility rarely seen in such diverse Words. Many attribute this ability to work together to the fact that they are both Malakim. Others believe that it's because they have a relationship that is less than professional, but there is no evidence of such... and suggesting it to one of their servitors can really ruin the suggesters day.

Eli is a traitor to Heaven, he just hasn't fallen yet. Blandine's servitors are to cooperate with Judgement in any investigation as to the whereabouts of Eli, as they are in all other such investigations. Servitors of Creation are not automatically branded as traitors... they cannot be blamed for the actions of their Superior, after all. But as is so often true in Heaven these days, a Creationer will have to work twice as hard to get half the credit in Blandine's service.

Basic Rites

Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A book of fairy tales
+2 A sleep aid, such as sleeping pills
+3 A handwritten collection of lullabies
+4 A demon slain on Blandine's side of the Marches
+5 A person dreaming peacefully while travelling
+6 Ninety people in a room, peacefully dreaming
+8 At the top of Blandine's Tower


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