Amalgam: Yvaal

By Jonathan Walton



Archangel of Righteousness

The world has been vindicated by God and should march valiantly to meet its glorious destiny.

Calling Yvaal an Archangel is not technically correct. According to the popularly accepted mythology of Heaven, Yvaal existed in the Beginning with God, born of the Almighty's inherant Righteousness and part of the very fabric of His being. Alongside Metatron, the embodiment of God's Word, and Lucifer, the Archangel of Light (a reflection of God's divinity), Yvaal was one of the most respected leaders of Heaven ... at least, before the Fall.

Lucifer's rebellion did not take Yvaal by surprise, since, being ineffable, he knew from the beginning that it was going to happen. Still, that didn't help him understand it any better. It was obvious to Yvaal that everything, even the failed Eden Experiment, was all according to God's Righteous Plan for the redemption of the world and every living thing on it. Only by acting with perfect Valor could one hope to win the War and achieve the beautiful Destiny that God had planned from the very beginning. After all, God smiled on those who accepted his Righteousness and worked to support it in the world.

In more recent time, Yvaal leads the change against the diabolicals and their allies. Redemption, of course, is preferable to simply murdering or soul-killing demons, simply because it proves the validity of God's Righteousness. If even a demon can be made to see that the way of God (which is, in Yvaal's eyes, the only way that is an option) is the proper way, there must still be hope for the rest of the world. However, hellspawn who reject the grace of God are quickly dispatched to the void, having no place in the glorious order of the Lord's faithful.

In recent years, some of Heaven's more peaceful Archangels, most notably Novalis, have become concerned that Yvaal is becoming more and more influenced by his Word, to the point of being self-righteous. It is true that no living being has as close a connection to the will of God, but Yvaal seems to hold the belief that everything that he does is carrying out God's divine plan, almost as if he were the Almighty himself.

Other angels, Superiors or not, find Yvaal to be ... baffling. At least one of his many incarnations spends all of his time in the Library of Scripture, where every written testament to God's glory and truth is kept. There he is quick to assist those who are seeking out the Truth, helping every visitor from the lowliest reliever to Michael, the Firstborn of God. As he sees it, the Lord's Righteousness should be made availiable to all.

Other fragments of his being spend their days organizing and supporting mortal conflicts on the Corporeal Plane, always working on the side that Yvaal deems the most Righteous, and sometime even support multiple sides of a single battle. You see, in this world of greys and vagueness, Righteousness is not always as clear as it has been in the past, and Yvaal has adapted, though this causes his friends and enemies no end of frustration.


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