Confufixor, Shedite Baron of the Vault, Demon of Corporate Scandals

By Charles E. Smith


Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 2
Agility: 2
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 12
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 5
Will: 12
Perception: 8

Songs: Empathy (Ethereal)/6, Charm (Celestial)/6, Attraction (Ethereal)/6, Machines (Ethereal)/6, Numinous Corpus (Acid/5, Claws/5, Barbs/4, Tentacles/5), Light (Celestial)/4 Shields (Ethereal, Celestial)/5, Deception (all)/4, Oblivion (Ethereal)/4, Healing (Celestial)/6.

Attunements: Shedite of Secrets, Lucifer's Document Shredder, Seal of the Confessional, Baron of the Vault, Demon of Corporate Scandals.

Demon of Corporate Scandals: Once a day, Confufixor may engage his host in a Contest of Wills. If he succeeds, his host either forgets or inconvienently confesses to one act of business-related crime (like suddenly confessing to a corporate crime at a press conference).

Confufixor is a recent addition to the ranks of the Conspiracy, but he represents a major coup for the Prince of Secrets. Confufixor was a Shedite who fledged in Mammon's service in the 682 B.C. and spent centuries climbing his way through the ranks of Greed. Like other Mammonites, he firmly believed that greed was good and that nothing mattered but getting ever-more profits.

Over the ages, Confufixor was a slow but steady riser, amassing a private fortune, several attunements and Songs, and even more forces. Though Mammon is a stingy Prince, Confufixor managed to earn up to twelve Forces in his service (starting from the basic seven). By the 12th Century, he had bought himself a Barony and by the 16th century he was a senior director of the Bank. Since the Acquisition was a joke back then, Confufixor was able to skim profits secretly for years, keeping his own fortune high while still enjoying power and wealth within the ranks of Greed. Then came the Crash of '29 and the Witch Hunts.

Once the Acquisition began to crack down, Confufixor found himself in a spot. He took to drifting about in Shal-Mari and Stygia to avoid the Acquisition. In 1933, he went topside...and didn't come back down until the 21st century. Confufixor decided to make his own mission: corrupt the heads of the new corporations that were emerging, and use them to promote the principles of Greed, thus proving useful to Mammon still.

This was a mixed blessing. Although he did good enough work to get Mammon to sponsor him for the Word of Corporate Scandals (it seemed that many of the corporate heads he rode over the years had a bad tendency to get themselves ousted in spectacularly bad examples of corruption and greed during or after he possessed them), Confufixor still did not feel safe from his Prince's audits. He began to secretly look for somewhere else to go to, to keep his profits.

As is well-known, Alaemon is always on the look-out for new secrets to hold over his fellow Princes. Confufixor figured that the Conspiracy was the best place to hide out from Mammon and to keep his precious profits safe. Confufixor discreely let the word get around that a certain high-ranking demon was interested in switching Superiors. Sure enough, the Conspirators swarmed. A shattering of his Heart, a little fast-talking to Alaemon himself, and Confufixor was a Shedite of Secrets. As a slap in the face to Mammon, Confufixor was instated as a Baron of the Vault, with several attunements, a new Heart, and the granting of the Songs of Deception and Oblivion.

Confufixor's recent notable success (the Enron debacle), has only further widened the rift between himself and his ex-boss. Some suspect that somewhere Lucifer is chuckling over Mammon's sudden reversal. Of course, the Acquisition is not amused....

Greedy as ever, Confufixor still lives by the principles of his former Word, but now he feels oddly more secure. With his belief that he can ditch the Acquisition in the Conspiracy, Confufixor now feels safe and secure enough to begin dreaming his dreams of greater heights, and perhaps even supplanting his former master. After all, Mammon is obviously on the outs. Perhaps its' time for a new Prince of Greed, one with an understanding of the darkness in the hearts of humankind...


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