Lilim of Nightmares
Dame of Restlessness

By Moe Lane


Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength: 6 Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 8 Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 5 Will: 12 Perception: 8
Word-Forces: N/A

Skills: Dodge/3, Emote/3, Fighting/2, Medicine/3, Knowledge (Hypnosis/3, Psychology/3), Savoir-Faire/6, Seduction/1

Songs: Dreams (All/3), Entropy (Ethereal/3), Nightmares (All/3), Shields (All/2), Sleep (All/2)

Attunements: Lilim of Nightmares, Calabite of Nightmares, Dream Drain, Dream Walking, Nightmare Trigger, Terror, Dame of Restlessness

Extra Rites: None

Vessels: Human female/3, +1 Charisma

Roles: "Dr. Daria Lindermann" (Psychiatrist/6, Status/5)

Dissonance: 0

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

Dalkiel's existence and purpose is paradoxical: she serves Nightmares by keeping them at bay.

Like most paradoxes, this makes sense when looked at from the inside. After all, to Beleth the purpose of Nightmares is to spread fear until it rules humanity. If that means raining terror and anguish onto dreamscapes, so be it: however, the Princess has found that the threat of said terror and anguish is often just as effective - and possibly even more tasty. It all depends on what the circumstances require.

Dalkiel has used this attitude to build quite a lucrative practice for herself. The first step is to identify a target, then use her Attunements and Distinction until that target is afraid of sleep itself. This will usually result in the target seeking treatment. As there isn't anything actually physically wrong with him or her, and as Dalkiel enjoys a Role as a recognized expert in the field of sleep disorders, usually it only takes a little manipulation for the target to make an appointment with the famous (and fashionable) Dr. Lindermann. At that point, Dalkiel simply stops wrecking the target's dreamscape - which will usually fulfil what is by then a fairly high Need. Repeat as necessary: the Lilim tries not to play out this scenario on the same person too often.

Of course, by now her reputation is such that people with legitimate sleep disorders will seek her out: her regular patient list is notable for the number of celebrities and public figures on it. Dalkiel is careful not to actually cure the problem, but she has found that judicious use of the Dream Drain Attunement acts as a rough and ready palliative. This will also usually fulfil a Need. The number of Geas that the Lilim collects a year is impressive in both quantity and quality: Dalkiel is fast becoming one of Beleth's most active facilitators and agents of influence in her home area. This keeps her neck from the chopping block when her actions interfere with those of lesser Servitors of Nightmares: the Lilim is careful to keep her superiors sweet.

It's been said (cattily, but accurately) that Dalkiel would have made an excellent Habbalite: she plays with her targets like a cat plays with a mouse. While she won't actually kill one if she can help it, anyone who walks into her office is going to be a victim to her whims and cruelties for, essentially, forever. From her point of view, that's what humans are there for in the first place. It's certainly not for their brains or perceptiveness. Still, the sight of one of them genuinely thanking her for not torturing him or her anymore is always good for giving the Dame a deep, warm pleasure...


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