Galsiph, Impudite Captain of Integrity, Demon of False Witness

By Cameron McCurry


Corporeal Forces: 5
Strength: 12
Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 6
Intelligence: 14
Precision 10
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 10
Perception: 6

Vessel: Middle aged man/2, middle aged woman/2 (Both have Charisma of +3)

Role: Shaun McGregor: Attorney 4/5, Lisa Hidori: Psychologist 3/3.

Skills: Computer Operation/2, Dodge/4, Knowledge (Law/6, Psychology/5), Emote/4, Fast-Talk/3, Fighting/2, Savoir-Faire/3, Seduction/4, Small Weapon (Knife/2)

Songs: Binding/3, Charm (Corporeal/2, Celestial/5), Essence (Ethereal/4), Motion (Celestial/5), Retribution (Celestial 4), Shields (Corporeal and Ethereal, both 3)

Attunements: Impudite of The Game, Impudite of Fate, Humanity, Knight of Judgment, Captain of Integrity, Demon of False Witness

Demon of False Witness: Once per day, with a successful Will Roll, Galsiph can add his Celestial Forces to the target number of anyone who is bearing false witness for him. Galsiph must have the person charmed first before using this ability. This bonus applies to how convincing the testimony that is being given by the person.

The most obvious question that has been asked time and again (and out of the earshot of Superiors) is: "Why an Impudite?" Basically, the Word is not something that would fit a Balseraph. Having a Balseraph openly admit that they promoted falsehood would go against their world view and would lead to a Servitor failing in his duties. With an Impudite, they could rely on charm to get the right kind of testimony without having to worry about a framework of lies falling apart and jarring their personal Symphony.

Galsiph has the dubious honor of being one of the most openly loathed Servitors of The Game from Dominic's angels. The mere mention of his name is enough to make even the more peaceful members of Judgment reach for weapons. Other demons of The Game grant him grudging respect and Servitors of other Demon Princes have had need for his services.

He first came to Earth in the middle of the 12th Century. As a loyal Servitor of The Game, he rooted out treason in his fellow demons (Whether it was there or not) and served for many years with distinction. He began to serve in human courts as a lawyer and quickly learned how easy it could be to dupe people. With the right words in the right ears, and convincing testimony, you could get even the most vile of people released from prison. It was his defense of a murderer in 19th Century France with the testimony of witnesses that had been paid or threatened to give their testimony that granted him the Word of False Witness. The Lightbringer had been in the audience and watched Gelsiph's deft manipulation with considerable interest.

So Galsiph took to these new duties with a passion. He views himself as the embodiment of the phrase "It's not whether you are innocent or guilty; just if you have the better lawyer." He mostly restricts his duties to providing "eyewitnesses" to cases where a criminal needs to be released (Such as a demonic Servitor or particularly important Soldier). The testimony he manages to get, the "proof" that he can provide and his supernatural Charm make it quite easy to convince a jury of someone's innocence. Of course, the Servitor or Soldier must agree to assist either Galsiph or The Game at a later time...

Needless to say, Galsiph's existence is considered one of the worst atrocities to exist on the Corporeal plane in the eyes of Dominic's angels. Several Seraphim on Earth began to collaborate on ways to kill him that would even make an Elohite uncomfortable. Galsiph takes the threats in stride for now. He has access to a Body Bag and a few loyal bodyguards to shorten the life of any angels that attempt to kill him off.

Asmodeus considers Galsiph to be an effective tool in the courtroom. He has seen the Taker emerge victorious in several trials that had him matching wits with Dominic's angels. And Galsiph chuckles as he sees people view courts as nothing more than a source of justice for those who can afford it.


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