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Calabite of Nobody

Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 12 Agility: 4
Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 4 Will: 12 Perception: 4

Vessel: gnarled humanoid monstrosity/6, Charisma -2

Skills: Brawling/6, Climbing/6, Languages (English/1, Spanish/1), Large Weapon/6 (Club), Move Silently/6, Running/6, Tactics/6, Throwing/6

Songs: Fire (Corporeal/6), Light (Celestial/6), Numinous Corpus (Acid/6, Arms/6, Tentacles/6)

Discord: Angry/6, Aura/6, Beserk/6, Bound/6, Fear (Smoky Machines)/2, Paranoia/6

Attunements: none

Hey, remember that little passage earlier about the Infernal Combustion Engine, and why Vapula doesn't use them anymore? Here's one reason why.

Gremlin can barely remember the time before it started to hurt. In fact, the only thing he can keep clear in his head is the face of his captor and tormentor - a certain Habbalite in a lab coat. Then came the pain, and there was lots of it.

But Gremlin was strong: he managed to keep that last thought in his head throughout the entire time of pain. When he finally busted loose (thanks to the unwitting help of a couple of unwary drug dealers who had moved into the abandoned warehouse in which Gremlin's machine had been left), the Calabite was ready to get his revenge.

Unfortunately, now that he was out, he wasn't exactly sure how to go about doing it. Judging from the looks on the faces of these humans, he wasn't pretty - which may have been why they shot at him so many times. Gremlin would have actually preferred to keep one of them alive: he's easily smart enough to realize that he needs a lot more information before he can start on his revenge. The Calabite has picked up enough of the local languages (plus a bare minimum of cultural referents) during his imprisonment to get by, but that's not nearly enough. However, these humans seemed to have a lot of this thing called 'cash' on them...

PCs who encounter this guy could either be going after the drug dealers themselves, or looking into the odd disappearance of a few homeless people in the area. Gremlin snagged a couple of the latter, and is slowly getting them to explain the ground rules of the corporeal plane (filtered through their own prejudices, of course). His captives are actually fine, physically (Gremlin needs to pick their brains, and has hit on the procedure of trading food for information), but scared out of their wits.

Resolving this can go one of two ways. A straight-out attack will be memorable: Gremlin is big, tough and probably smarter than the PCs. He's got a limited repertoire of Songs, though, so the PCs could probably eventually take him out. Be sure to play up the problems implicit of having a firefight in the middle of a dark, rickety warehouse with lots of places to hide and a few humans tied up in random locations.

However, if the PCs actually try talking to Gremlin, well, that's another story (this is where Seraphim of Flowers really shine). After all, the Calabite has a nice, burning hatred for at least one Demon Prince, and is very bright: pointing out that there's more than one side, and that the other side really hates Vapula too, might reap dividends. Providing that they can get him to an Archangel (a "Smite them all, then come back and Smite them some more" type for preference), Gremlin would actually be fairly good Redemption material.

He'll need a new name, of course.


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