Gressil, Habbalite of Technology

By James Walker


Habbalite of Technology

Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 6
Precision: 10
Celestial Forces: 3
Will: 4
Perception: 8

Vessel: Human Male/3, Charisma +2 (Respectable); Role/6 (legbreaker), status/1

Skills: Chemistry/3,Computer Operation/1, Detect Lies/2, Dodge/3, Driving/1, Electronics/1, Emote/1, Fighting/2, Knowledge(Anatomy/2, Finances/3), Large Weapon(club)/1, Lockpicking/1, Lying/1, Medicine/2, Savoir-Faire/1, Small Weapon(blackjack)/2, Tactics/1

Songs: Empathy(All/3), Hysteria/1

Attunements: Djinn of Technology, Habbalite of Technology, Impudite of Technology

Servants: A pair of reanimated zombis; they have each been granted the Rite "Work for three hours in a lab or factory" to provide them with the Essence they need to continuously function; both were mundane doctors.

Artifacts (from Band Attunements of Technology): Glasses, mood ring, palmtop computer.

Once an Elohite of Trade, Gressil suddenly acquired incredible amounts of dissonance when domino bankruptcies wiped out his business, and forced him to renege on multiple deals. The crash was too sudden for him to contact Marc before Falling.

Gressil still considers himself an Angel of Trade; true, Marc won't speak to him, but as his business failed that's to be expected. He needs to make amends. How to make amends? Well, bad debtors are a blight to Trade - once he has demonstrated his ability to deal with them, Marc should forgive him.

Word has got around the ranks of Technology; if you really need fresh, high quality human organs - contact Gressil. Whether it's a hundred human hearts or maybe just a few dozen kidneys, Gressil can get them for you. Even if the only location they be found is held by the Host; sure, he's a demon, and they'll kill him one day, but most Malakim are to busy to kill him - there are so many worse demons to kill.

Besides, the Redemption squads have high hopes for Gressil. The main use Gressil puts his Resonance, Songs and Impudite Glasses to is persuading his victims that they deserve to pay their debts in organs; he racks them with his abilities until they burn their essence on a Fast-Talk roll on themselves that they should pay their debts, and leaves a receipt for the organs with them (whether they're alive or dead). Also, after selling the organs to his fellow Technologists, he posts money orders to the creditors of his victims. All in all, he's about as good as a Habbalite gets.

Naturally, the police are hot on his trail. They have a fair idea of what is going on; Gressil is using the Vessel from his old Role as a businessman, and it wasn't difficult to put the pieces together. Of course, mundanes don't have much chance of catching him. Still, they're starting to grow irritating, and Habbalah aren't known for their patience and restraint...


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