Hushai, Lilim of the Media, Demon of the Rave

By Rolland Therrien


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 4
Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 7
Precision: 9
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 9
Perception: 7

Vessel: Female Human vessel/2, Charisma/3

Role: "Hush", Rising DJ Level/3, Status/3

Skills: Artistry/6, Computer Operation/6, Dodge/4, Driving/4, Electronics/6, Emote/3, Fast-Talk/4, Knowledge (Current Musics/6), Languages (English/3, French/2, Japanese/2, Spanish/2), Lying/3, Running/2, Savoir-Fair/2, Seduction/4, Singing/5

Songs: Attraction (Ethereal/4), Charm (All/4), Deception (All/3), Essence (Corporeal/3), Opening (Ethereal/4), Sensation (all/3), Shields (Celestial/4), Sleep (Corporeal/4)

Attunements: Lilim of the Media, Subliminal, Knight of Influence, Captain of Swank, Baroness of the Fourth Estate

Geases: At any one time, Hushai has about four or five Geas Hooks on different humans or Demons who desire to do business at one of her Raves.

Rites: Spend six hours listening to the radio; spend six hours DJing for a Rave (Special Rite).

Artifacts: Soundboard of Satan: Reliquary/6

Servants: Four 5-Force Humans working as her "crew"

To Hushai, the world is one Big Rave, and the party don't stop 'till your metabolism does. Pity humans are so fragile, isn't it?

Hushai (or Hush, as she likes to be called) was once your typical "Free Party Lilim", the kind of Infernal social butterfly that generally fluttered from Hellish gathering to Hellish gathering, trading favors and trying to stay one step ahead of those who tried to bind her in any way.

She loved visiting dance clubs, with their large throngs of humans all wanting something: company, a dance partner, someone to drink with, some drugs, some other illicit pleasures... What more could a Lilim want? It was during one of her "Club Runs" that, concluding a Geas trade with some Impudites, that she realized just how much potential there was in having someone organise these little Nightclubs for Hellish business dealings.

She made some inquiries amongst princely organisations, and came to the conclusion that to accomplish this little "quest", she'd have to enter in the service of The Media. And so Hushai traded in her Freedom for the power of the Media.

Almost immediatly, she began using her new Role to become a Dj at a New York dance club, organising a "Dance Night" with invitations for every Demon wanting to do business in an interferance-free environment. Much to the surprise of many, it worked, after a fashion. Only a quarter of the invited demons (5 Lusties, 3 Pushers, 2 Gluttons, 1 Jester and a Gamester invited "for security reasons"), but these Demons found their night at that party quite satisfactory, business-wise.

With Word of Mouth on her side, her next "gathering" was more of a success, and even the infiltration of a couple angels (A Flower and a Creationner with the Flower rite of dancing), her next few gatherings were successes as well.

Word got to her Prince, who decided she might be "the next big sound, Babe", and so he Knighted her, and noticing her talent at the Sound board, suggested she use her Hour of Radio to show off her skills.

As chance would have it, techno music and mixing was becoming quite popular in the nightclubs she played in, and fully embraced the style. Soon, "The Hush Hour" was one of the more popular radio shows for NY's nightclub scene, and Hush was the DJ most in demand. Every club she played in was garanteed a full house, and the only way to get a sure way in was to be on Hush's personal "Guest List". After her second big hit party, Nybbas awarded her with the Captainhood of Swank.

Naturally, when the Rave scene started, Hush was one of the first DJs to leap head-first into the movement, and actually experimented with using her Subliminal Attunement to mix in The Corporeal Song of Sleep with her Music, but realized that for the big parties she was hoping to host, she'd need to convince her Prince to bestow her the Baronhood of the Fourth Estate.

Fortunatly, after a quick demonstration with some of her servents, Nybbas was convinced that Hushai's plan could work. So, as an experinement, she became a Baroness of the Fourth Estate and hosted her first big Rave, with a Subliminal performance of Corporeal Sleep as an opening act, followed by the Celestial Song of Charm. Those two performances alone drained her almost completly, but in exchange for "Invitations" to do business in that first rave, Demons of Lust, Drugs and Gluttony payed a decent "Cover Charge" which made up for it. All in all, her first rave was a great success.

...Which probably explained why, after her performance, Lucifer revealed himself to her and congratulated "The New Demon of the Rave" for a "Promising Performance". She's been working hard to keep up with those high expectations.

These days, Hushai pretty much continues with this little success story, organising Raves where she mentally and morally weakens the crowds, leaving them open for Hellish agents. You can always find her Raves haunted by Impudites, Habbalah, Shedim and Lilim of various words, all doing what they do best amongst the gathered human dancers. There are always Servitors of Lust, Drugs and Gluttony doing business in her Raves as well. And it's not infrequent for demons of other words to frequent them as well, finding a dark, quiet corner to talk in the safety of plain sight.

She does have a partner in crime, nowadays: Irimushi, an Impudite of Technology who serves as her main technician. He helps her gather up the Essence needed for her performances, and has built a few Artifacts as well: The Soundboard of Satan is the reliquary which she now uses to fuel most of her Subliminal Recordings, and he uses a Smoke-Machine with the Celestial Song of Shields built in to create the "Zone of Silence" needed to keep Heaven's attention away from the Raves until after the party's nearly over. They have a good working relationship so far.


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