Servants of the Fallen: Ibnash, Impudite of Corruption, Demon of Corruption

By Manny Nepomuceno


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 2
Intelligence: 4
Precision: 4
Celestial Forces: 3 Will: 7 Perception: 5

Suggested Word-Forces: 24

Vessel: Human male (Latino male)/2, Charisma +2

Attunements: Impudite of Corruption*, Tainted Touch**, The Demon of Corruption***

Songs: Shields (Celestial/4), Form (Celestial/4)

Skills: Fast-Talk/4

Special Rites: Introduce a mortal to a new vice, sabotage an important project, slay a Tsayad (+3 Essence).

*Impudite of Corruption: Each successful use of his resonance on a mortal acts like a Shedite's corrupting influence, eroding the mortal's ethics and value systems. The subjects of their resonance may resist with a successful Will roll. Take note that to Charm and Steal Essence involves two successive uses of an Impudite's resonance!

**Tainted Touch: Servitors of Legion with this attunement may create a field of entropy around their hands for the cost of 3 Essence. This mimics the Calabite resonance and lasts for 1 hour. Any material coming into contact with the field of entropy is slowly destroyed: metal is corroded, water is befouled and even the air around the demon takes on a foul stench.

***The Demon of Corruption: Make no mistake -- Corruption is still a Prince-level Word, despite the insignificance of the celestial bound to it. In addition to being aware of the general state of moral strength and decay in the world, Ibnash can determine the level of moral conviction in anyone he sees. Ibnash is also capable of emulating the Calabite resonance around his entire body, on a successful Will roll. It is believed that he is capable of granting the attunements of the now-dead Legion, but he has never done so.

After the death of the Prince of Corruption, all of his Servitors were rounded up and killed, with only a select few kept alive for Asmodeus and Lucifer to play with. One of them, an Impudite named Ibnash, was specifically chosen by Lucifer to be an example for the rest of his minions. Never again would he allow a Demon Prince to run amok, or to gain enough power to threaten both Heaven and Hell. Ibnash spent two hundred years in the Lower Hells, learning the lesson that he was to impart to others.

Then Lucifer gave him the Word of Corruption and set him loose. He's been haunting Hell ever since.

Let's be clear: he's not a Prince. At eight Forces, the Demon of Corruption is weaker than the average angel, and certainly much weaker than the four Djinn of the Game who follow him everywhere. He's meant to serve as a reminder to would-be renegade Princes of the dangers of too much independent thinking. Intelligent Princes get the picture. Those who don't get a visit from a Word-bound Impudite with Lucifer's mark of favor branded into his forehead.

Not that Ibnash is happy, mind you. Certainly, he's got a Word that every Shedite wants, but the cost is painfully high. The fact that an Impudite holds the Word of Corruption has irked the Shedim no end -- and Lucifer likes it that way, since the Shedim can often get troublesome in Hell. Some Calabim want words with Ibnash as well. For their part, the Djinn smile nastily and say that the Shedim had it coming to them...and the four Djinn protecting Ibnash are very, very careful to prevent Shedim from getting him alone.

PCs encountering Ibnash will find him rather...meek. Two hundred years with Lucifer will do that to you. He's actually a redemption candidate, and he'd dearly love to be rid of his burden, were it not for the fact that his bodyguards have strict orders to slap him down whenever he acts out of line. While he's extremely dangerous by virtue of his attunements and his Word, he's actually something of a drudge, and would rather run than fight. This hasn't discouraged the Tsayadim or Laurence from declaring him a mortal enemy of Heaven. Angels of the Sword earn a refill-all-Essence bounty for slaying Ibnash; the Tsayadim are just willing to kill him on the general principle that any Demon of Corruption is a death sentence waiting to be carried out.

(His attunements from Corruption are conjectural. Ibnash is a point-balanced character.)


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