Break Moe's Brain: Kinked, Impudite of Dark Humor, Demon of Hurting Moe's Brain

By Prodigal


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 5
Agility: 7
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 6
Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 9
Perception: 7
Word-Forces: 2

Vessel: Human male/3, Role: Internet Movie Critic/2, Status/2

Servant: Movie Projectionist/3, Status/2

Skills: Acrobatics/4, Artistry/2, Climbing/3, Computer Operation/3, Detect Lies/1, Dodge/4, Driving/1, Emote/3, Fast-Talk/5, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Holy War: the RPG/4, Slapstick Comedy/6), Large Weapon/3, Lying/2, Running/3, Small Weapon/3, Swimming/1, Throwing/3

Songs: Charm (Corp/3), Charm (Corp/3, Eth/3, Cel/3), Healing (Corp/4), Motion (Corp/2), Thunder/2

Attunements: Impudite of Dark Humor, Lilim of Dark Humor, Prank, Secretly Replaced, Knight of Derision, Demon of Hurting Moe's Brain

Rites: All from Kobal's writeup in Superioirs 2, plus Hurt Moe's brain (usable 2/day)

Demon of Hurting Moe's Brain: allows Kinked to hurt Moe's brain without causing any disturbance.

Every demon knows that it can ask a boon of Lucifer. Unfortunately, not every demon knows when it isn't a good idea when not to ask for it.

Case in point: Kinked interrupted Lucifer as he was watching a Three Stooges short that he particularly enjoyed, and asked for a Word right as it got to the Lightbringer's favorite bit. And when the Taker admitted that it had no idea what Word it wanted (the sheer prestige of having one was all it had thought about,) Lucifer declared (after a moment's distraction while one Stooge smacked another in the head with a board,) that Kinked was now the Demon of Hurting Moe's Brain. Kinked started working very hard to promote slapstick comedy after that, particularly the brand of it practiced in the films that served as the basis of his Word. He spends a lot of time these days hoping that he can avoid having too many of the favors he owes various servitors of the Media get called in all at once.

He only realised the depth of the joke that had been played on him when that damned Malakite started stalking him... But their battles helped him develop his first Word rite, so it wasn't a total loss.

He still encourages people to watch the Three Stooges, but has found a new way of slowing his Word's decay, and has even managed to strengthen it slightly. After a recent Stooges film festival, he overheard some of the audience members discussing a game that they were playing, and its theme of angels fighting demons caught his interest. He bought the rulebook, and then discovered that it had an internet mailing list devoted to it. After seeing some of the things that fans were coming up with, Kinked started posting some ideas of his own.

When he discovered that one of the Holy War list members who proved most receptive to the concepts he outlines in his posts is named Moe, he began writing up ever-more bizarre things to send to the list, from a mixture of Word promotion and Impudite vanity.

But if the Game ever discover the thinly-veiled parodies of Archangels and Princes that he has been sharing with the humans, then there will truly be Hell to pay.


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