The Demon of Undying Love

By James Walker


Impudite Knight of Death
Demon of Undying Love

"Perhaps... or possibly, you would not have sworn undying love if you knew what Undeath was really like."

Corporeal Forces: 4
Strength: 9
Agility: 7
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 8
Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 5
Will: 12
Perception: 8

Word-Forces: 10

Vessels: Human/4, Charisma+2 (Consumptive 19thC poet) - Has both Male & Female versions.

Skills: Artistry(Poetry)/6, Climbing/3, Dancing/6, Dodge/4, Emote/6, Enchant/4, Fast-talk/6, Fighting/4, Meditation/2, Move Silently/3, Necromancy/6, Running/2, Savoir-Faire/6, Seduction/6, Singing/6, Swimming/1, Tactics/3, Throwing/1.

Songs: Attraction(All/6), Blood(All/6), Charm (All/6), Form (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/5, Unlife/5), Possession/4.

Attunements: All non-Restricted attunements of Death; Impudite of Dark Humor Knight of Death, the Demon of Undying Love.

Servants (from Lilim of Death): A selection of zombis & vampires, all of whom have chosen Undeath to remain with their "true love" - Leander. Also, two angelic Remnants.

Artifact: Talisman(Emote)/6, in the form of an (indestructible) red rose.

Special Rites: Turn a mortal into an undead so that they can remain with their loved one(s); drive a human to commit suicide to escape an undead/ghostly lover [+2 essence]; tempt a human to damnation so that they can be with their (Damned) lover[+2 if the human then commits suicide, +3 if they make it to the Soul Yards]. Tania(The Demon of Suicide) has also granted him her special Rite.

Special Abilities: Leander adds his Corporeal Forces to any Necromancy ritual performed on a human who wishes to cheat death to remain with a lover; and adds his Celestial Forces to any social skill used on a bereaved human.

Special Attunement (Only useable by mortals): Eternal Love. When the mortal with this attunement dies, they may make a Will roll to "cheat death" if they have a "true love" they wish to remain with. If successful, they rise the next sunset as a vampire. If they fail, they still rise, but in this case as a zombi - and their Need is for their "true love's" heart. Literally.

Leander does not need to tell a mortal what will happen if they fail the Will roll, or even the one is necessary - a mortal need only know that in return for the chance to spend eternity with their love, they are sacrificing any chance of reaching Heaven.

Not caring - hurts. Andre's demons often stumble, and The Game is waiting for those who might seek Redemption. Leander offers the Demons of Lust a different choice: join with Death, and keep those humans who have touched your heart safely with you forever. Kept in camps on the plains of Abaddon, these special Damned souls strive to keep the 'love' of the demons who have abandoned Andre's service 'for them' - knowing that Harvesting awaits them if they fail. Of course, over the centuries, desire often palls, and ex-Lusties inevitably end up turning on the mortal who they "gave everything for!"

Hell is like that.

Of course, Leander (and the underlings he has stolen from Andre) spend most of their time on the Corporeal Plane, teaching humans about Undying Love. As deserters from the Word of Lust, they are very skilled at playing with human hearts, and have little difficulty driving mortals to their (un)deaths. Leander has also had some success dealing with angels - he gained his Distinction after persuading a Malakite to suicide: the Malakite's angelic lover had Fallen, and Leander "explained" that "the honourable thing to do" was for the Malakite to soul kill the Fallen lover and then soul kill himself, so that their Remnants could be together forever. Both Remnants are now his Servants.

Saminga is (moderately) pleased with Leander, although he doesn't really understand the Word of Undying Love. Kobal, of course, finds the Word delightful, and has granted Leander his Band attunement.


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