Loquel, Djinn Baron of Derision, Demon of Mimes

By Moe Lane


Corporeal Forces: 5
Strength: 12
Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 10
Precision: 10
Celestial Forces: 6
Will: 12
Perception: 12

Word-Forces: 3

Vessel: Mime/6, -2 Charisma

Skills: Dodge/6, Driving/6 (unicycle), Emote/3, Fighting/2, Knowledge/6 (How to be an extraordinarily annoying person without making a sound), Move Silently/6, Ranged Weapon/3 (Uzi), Running/6, Swimming/6

Songs: Entropy (Ethereal/4), Form (Corporeal/6), Laughter (All/2), Motion (Celestial/6), Shields (All/6, virtuoso), Silence (All/6, virtuoso)

Role: Mime/6, Status/1

Relics: 2 Uzi/6s, both of which make no sound when fired.

Attunements: Djinn of Dark Humor, Calabite of Dark Humor, Habbalite of Dark Humor, Farce of Mistaken Identity, Prank, Secretly Replaced, Baron of Hysteria, Demon of Mimes

Demon of Mimes: All disturbance generated by Loquel is divided in half (rounded down). This is cumulative with all other modifiers.

Rites: Cause someone to punch a mime.

The Demon of Mimes has to be a Djinn, you understand. All the other Bands care too much about their own skins. Luckily, Loquel is fairly apathetic, even for his Band: he apparently doesn't seem to mind much the fact that he's an automatic target for the Host whenever they figure out that he's the Mime. It's hard to tell because, well, Loquel doesn't talk, even to whine.

It's odd, of course, that the Host is so intolerant of the Word: when all's said and done, Mimes aren't precisely the most active danger to Heaven out there. However, it is a fact that no Seraph can say the phrase 'a mime is a terrible thing to waste' without dissonance, and it certainly is a fact that 'cause a mime to stop being a mime' is a generic Rite for Heaven. It must be an ineffability thing, or something.

As mentioned above, if this bothers the Djinn, nobody can tell. Loquel was never the most articulate demon in the Horde, even before his elevation - and nobody's heard him speak since he got his Word. His only passion seems to be his Word: Loquel will pursue being the Perfect Mime with just the obsessive, grim determination that one would expect from a Djinn. Once he gets warmed up, you will laugh at him - or, more accurately, at his current victim. It may be nervous, shameful laughter, but that's what Kobal wanted in the first place, so it all works out.

Thanks to his stellar personality and Word, Loquel tends to move around a lot - something that he's actually quite good at. When on the corporeal plane, he tends to stick in public places and annoy people: when in Hell, he tends to be one of Kobal's personal messengers. It's an open question about which duty is more dangerous: the Djinn is apparently incapable of ever not being a mime, even when he's delivering a sarcastic missive to, say, the Prince of Fate (something that he does a lot, for some strange reason). There's been at least one occasion when Loquel's come back from the Archive missing a Force or three.

Of course, that might just have been because of the unicycle.

(The author wishes to note that he does not actually advocate the destruction and/or persecution of mimes. "That isn't very nice.")


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