Mouse, Free Lilim Demon of Hackers

By Rolland Therrien


Corporeal Forces: 5 (Body hits: 40)
Strength: 8
Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 6 (Mind hits: 72)
Precision: 12
Celestial Forces: 5 (Soul hits: 50)
Will: 10
Perception: 10

Skills: Comp. Op/7, Hacking/6, Detect Lies/5, Electronics/3, Emote/4, Fast-Talk/6, Fighting/3, Large Weapon (Katana)/4, Lockpicking/4, Lying/5, Area Knowledge (Internet)/5, Knowledge (Hacker Underworld/4, Business Politics/3, International Politics/3), Tactics (Hacking)/4, Tracking (Internet)/5

Songs: Artifacts (all/2), Charm (all/4), Form (Eth/3 Cel/5), Light (all/4), Machines (all/5), NC Horns/3, NC Fangs/6, Possession/5, Projection (all/5), Shields (corp/3), Tongues (corp/2, cele/3)

Attunements and Distinctions: Lilim of War, Lilim of Dark Humor, Lilim of Fate, Lilim of Factions, Lilim of Theft, Lilim of Technology, Art of Combat, Humanity, Imbroglio, Passage (applied to locked systems), Prank, Subliminal


"Information wants to be free, Sir. Who better then a Free Lillim to help it do so?"

"In this ever-changing Symphony, things are always changing... Governments rise and fall, economies fluctuate all willy-nilly, and fads come and go... But Information is forever. In a world where nothing's certain, Information's the only currency of any real worth. Is it any wonder the "Powers that Be" are always in control of Information? You think the "Proud and Noble" Military wants you to know they've tested biological weapons on their own soldiers? Think the corporations want you to know how they jack up prices to make a profit? Think that Senator wants you to know about his affairs?"

"Ain't no surprise God's so "Ineffable"... Whoever controls the most information controls the most Symphony. But then, that's what this whole Rebellion thing was about, wasn't it? Grilling God for all the info, sharing it with everyone... Freedom from God's law, for all Celestials."

"Hackers are just another proud group of descendant from the tradition of the Rebellion... Individuals with the will and the way to swipe information from those who control it, who thumb their noses at authority, turn the Enemy on itself and generally create Chaos out of Order. They fight for Freedom just by their very existance."

"And Heaven's "classification" of Hackers is a false one: All Hackers are the same. They're all motivated by a desire to match their wits with The System, to decipher computer codes and control them, to prove they're better then "The Man"... Any cause they claim to uphold's just an excuse for their desire to prove themselves."

"I understand that Need of theirs... So I've been helping them along, ever since the first few Hackers got started... cute kids, they were. Cute kids who're now lodged firmly in the System... Many of them still owe me favors I haven't collected. I get inside information, backdoors into systems, code keys, Hacker secrets... I've collected so much information, I dunno what to do with it all... So I started trading that Information for favors here in Hell. Lotsa Princes use my information... You'd be surprised to know who. Some of the ones who like it best show their "generosity" the best way they know how."

"So I heard about this "Competition" concerning the word of Hackers, and I just think "Hold on there... I've been working on that word for a while now, why should some upstart who knows how to find the "Any Key" swipe that Word away from me? I still had favors a'comin' from some of the services I've done them over the years. So I asked for their patronage for the word of Hackers..."

"...And that's why I now come to you, Milord... Word-giving's your Province, I know... And I figured if I explained the situation to you, you'd see what I mean..."

"Information wants to be Free... After all... Isn't Freedom what what you started the Rebellion for?"

- Mouse (Successfully sweet-talking the word of Hackers out of Lucifer...)


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