The Chicken Heart That Ate The World

By Moe Lane


The Chicken Heart That Ate the World
Damned If Anybody Knows What This Started Out As

Corporeal Forces: 6
Strength: 12
Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 1
Intelligence: 2
Precision: 2
Celestial Forces: 0
Will: 0
Perception: 0

Vessel/6, Charisma -2, Toughness/2
Body Hits: 168

Skills: Dodge/6, Fighting/6, Move Silently/3, Tactics/6

Songs: Corporeal Healing/6, Numinous Corpus/6 (Acid)

Discord: Ugly/6, Vulnerable/3 (Extreme Flame and/or cold)

Have I ever mentioned that Sparky shotguns Maalox?

Well, can you blame him? Just when he thinks that he's got a handle on things, something like... something like... something like this... comes boiling out of the woodwork. The worse bit was, of course, that the Balseraph was sure that radio plays were safe. Vapula's always been a visual sort of Prince: take away the eyeball candy, and surely he won't get any ideas.


The worst bit is, not even Vapula was really able to tell a frantic Sparky just what the HELL this thing is made out of. It isn't Undead; it isn't a construct; it certainly isn't celestial and/or ethereal. If he didn't know better, the Balseraph would swear that it's just an incredibly disgusting, foul-smelling pile of chicken heart tissue that's somehow learned to move around and eat things. Of course, if things were that simple, Sparky wouldn't have that annoying triple eye tick problem...

The problem is, of course, that the Damned thing isn't easy to put down. It's not quite as problematical as, say, a Shoggoth (theoretical physical similarities aside): it's vulnerable to cold and heat and not immune to bullets. Unfortunately, it has to be extreme heat, bitter cold and/or lots of bullets. Worse and worse, you had better get every single atom of the stuff, or it'll just come back after it eats enough mass. Cleaning it up took forever... and, of course, once he finally got all of it, Vapula absolutely refused to let him annihilate it. Apparently, the Genius Prince thought that it was 'cute'. Thankfully, Sparky was allowed to dump the CHTAtW into a thirty-gallon drum, seal it and put it in corporeal cold storage (in every sense of the term). Not an optimal solution, but better than nothing...

What do you mean, the storage facility was trashed during the last Lightning raid?

No, just leave the case of Maalox on the desk.


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