Winifred, Balseraph Knight of Deception, Demon of Humble Opinions

By Moe Lane


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 8
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 5
Will: 12
Perception: 8

Word-Forces: 5

Vessel: human female/2, +1 Charisma

Skills: Computer Operation/1, Dodge/3, Emote/3, Fast-Talk/5, Fighting/2, Savoir-Faire/4, Seduction/3

Songs: Charm (Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Disjunction (Corporeal/6), Distortion/3, Shields (All/3), Thunder/3

Attunements: Balseraph of Factions, Habbalite of Factions, Imbroglio, Polarize, Protective Coloration, Knight of Deception, Demon of Humble Opinions

Demon of Humble Opinions: Once per day, Winifred can invoke her Humble Opinion to double either her Celestial Forces (only for determining the number of people that are affected by her resonance) or Ethereal (only for determining the duration of her Balseraph or Habbalite Attunements). In either case, she must preface this ability by first saying the Dread Words.


Paradoxically, it's the little irritations that can seem the most, well, irritating. After all, there's often very little you can do about the environment, nuclear proliferation, taxes or the local crop of Idiots in Charge - but you can do something about people who say the Dread Words. Admittedly, the things that you can do are usually not very nice, and if you get caught doing them, you stand a good chance of going to jail, but you could do something, damn it all.

It's precisely in this state of acute frustration and wishfully suppressed homicidal urges that Winifred does her best work. Let the flashy Servitors of Factions try to foment international tension and mass blood feuds: the Balseraph is content to work on the micro level, one endless meeting or spoiled get-together at a time. It's necessary work and safer to boot: one of the drawbacks to being a heavy hitter for Malphas is that angels like to do the same to you. Winifred is good at what she does, and wants to keep on doing it for a long, long time.

Still, a bit of expansion would be nice - and the Balseraph has noticed that her Word has been picking up lately, thanks to the Internet. So many people online who (erroneously) think that they really do have relevant (and humble) opinions about things, not to mention the belief that it's OK to type out any damn fool thing that drifts into their simian heads, regardless of whether they actually know what they're talking about. The Net is Balseraph country, in other words - and Winifred is ready to stake her claim. At the rate that her Word's inflating, she may be able soon to focus her resonance to affect those online: when that happens, watch out. You think that Usenet's raucous now? Just wait: it's about to become a Hell of a ride.

Just don't ever modify the Dread Words in her presence, whether face-to-face or digitally. Prefacing comments with "In My Arrogant Opinion" seriously drives her nuts: it seems to make light of the whole phenomenon, and you know how Balseraphs get when they think that you aren't taking them seriously...


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