By Kim Kondratieff


May I introduce wtfbbq?, Djinn Demoness of L33tsp34k?

Djinn Knight of Combustion
Demon of L33tsp34k

Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 4
Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 10
Precision: 10
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 10
Perception: 6

(Songs and Skills omitted because my Core Rules is not with me; boohoo!)

Vessels: adolescent human male/3, adolescent human female/3

Role: 'Leth@l Pre@cher', human h4xx0r/4

Attunements: Balseraph of Technology, Djinn of Technology, Lilim of Technology, Djinn of the Media, Knight of Combustion, Demon of L33tsp34k

Demon of L33tsp34k: wtfbbq? can instinctively make any textual communication between herself and another being completely inscrutable even to a Perception roll, Song of Tongues excepted. Any communication so affected will appear as a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers in semi-grammatical English constructions. In other words, l33tsp34k.


Celestial Form: As befits her Word, wtfbbq?'s celestial form is a huge, stylized cross between a cat and a hyena, with tiny, vestigial batwings. She has the most enormous fangy overbite, and is constantly drooling.

You knew it had to happen. Ever since the first mortal put fingers to keys and realized a 4 looked somewhat like an uppercase A, things have gotten totally out of hand. L33tsp34k has only grown from there, like some kind of fuzzy green mold on the vast cupcake that is the internet. Or something.

Nybbas LOVES wtfbbq?, even if she IS one of Vapula's Djinn. I mean, come on. She's single-handedly ridden her word, once an insignificant little note of a thing riding on Illiteracy's coattails, to become a hiss and a byword everywhere on the internet. Love it, hate it, use it, or mock it, if you're a moderately savvy user of the internet, you've probably encountered wtfbbq?'s handiwork somewhere along the line. It's like a modern-day tower of Babel; and we all know what that did for the Media.

Make no bones about it; wtfbbq? does know what she's doing, and when it comes to l33tsp34k, she shows an unnerving lack of apathy about spreading her Word for a Djinn. Then again, with a Word that's growing like wildfire among internet communities, and the support of at least three Demon Princes -- because, hey, dividing the l33t from the chaff is what Malphas is all about -- who wouldn't blame her for occasionally showing something like enthusiasm at doing her job? Her latest accomplishment -- what else? -- was sneaking l33t into a major motion picture *coughcougchoughS1M0NEcoughcough*, and the sky's the limit from there.

And then?

nybb4s pwns u all!!1!1!!11oneone


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