Xinda, Impudite of Death, Demon of Failing Health

By Jim Burzelic


Xinda loves to see Brya squirm, despite how much he's impeded her over the last three centuries. The only thing she would like more is to have him with her in Hell. It all started back in the glory days, during the Black Death. She was just playing her part, wandering around, spreading the germs, infecting everything she could as she was told by the Duke of Plagues when she saw him. This beautiful, robust, strapping man was undoing everything she had just done. On top of that, he was showing the people how to prevent future contamination! Well, that wouldn't do. Xinda was going to follow him and wait for an opportune time to kill him when he suddenly used a song.

Wary of him now, she reported to the Duke, inquiring on who this mysterious hero was. He told her he was just some angel and to not let him interfere with her duties. Xinda, having seen first-hand "just some angel" completely and thoroughly reverse her work, decided to disobey orders and shadowed the angel, Brya was his name, for awhile. He was glorious to watch. Everything he did was so precise, nothing was thrown in for flair, and on top of that he made it all easy. His actions were so fluid and relaxed it looked as if he was dancing. She wanted to dance with him. But how? He was a cog in the Heavenly machine and she was a lackey from Hell. Well, maybe she could make him dance with her. She bided her time. Then she saw him blanch. He reacted to some small group of idiots whipping themselves. Looking into their background she found a Balseraph pulling their strings, fooling them into thinking they were getting into Heaven by beating the sickness out of themselves. If this is what got a reaction out of Brya, Xinda wanted to be at the center of it, so she "took care" of the Liar. Pull a few strings and any number of forces can be lost and scattered in Abbadon. Then Xinda set out to make these Flagellants something. Something to bring Brya to her. It wasn't until after he had gotten his word did any of Xinda's bait work. She lured him into the Black Forest and they were together. They danced and talked and loved each other. Oh sure, he was less than half-conscious for most of it, but Xinda knew he enjoyed it. That's probably why after he died he spent so long in Trauma. He couldn't get her out of his mind. That's also probably why he buried himself in his work after he came back. Nothing she did would get his attention. She thought small pox or yellow fever or even Typhoid Mary herself would've lured him out. Hell, Xinda figured four centuries of working at becoming his antithesis would have garnered something. It wasn't until she started up the Flagellants again. Oh, he came right out. But this time Xinda's got a different plan. She can't let him know she's doing this. She knows that he knows someone's out for him. She also knows he's tried to get help, but nobody believes him. That's the trick though. Nobody can know. If he becomes paranoid enough, all of his friends won't be his friends anymore. He won't have anyone except his word. But when his word starts turning on him, Brya will fall, and Xinda will be there to catch him. She will care for him when no one would. She will become his world. Then they will be together forever.

Xinda's Personality

Xinda has taken to her Word quite easily. She pretty much does what she's been doing for the past millenium, spreading plagues. Except to get her Word, besides having to dispose of a few undesirables that got in the way, just spread plagues that didn't kill. Sure if left unattended they were deadly but as long as her beloved Brya and his cronies did their part her job was secure. When Saminga asks about her mortality quota she cranks sickness up a notch, letting it fall again when the heat is off. That's life.

Her plot to make Brya fall though, that's her own secret project. She's had to silence several infernals who got too close to her plan, and one or two loose-lipped conspirators. She's been posing as a divine messenger to a small sect of Flagellants now for seven-hundred some years, manipulating them into key positions. Right now, the plan is to disassociate Brya with his compatriots. Since he's on his corporeal tour, evaluting the state of his Word, this has been quite easy. The three vampires she has tailing him don't know their just window-dressing. When they're caught, and they will be, they think they're working for a Calabite with a taste for stalking and killing health nuts. The Calabite is named Dwayne and he thinks Xinda has his undead watching Brya because she wants to keep tabs on her enemy. The Flagellants are shared with a Djinn of Lust named Buolis. The sexual twist Xinda had to put on the Flagellants doesn't make her happy but it keeps them rather prolific for a secret decadent club of S&M freaks; Besides, Buolis doesn't ask questions. When Xinda needs fodder for her portion of the club he hands them over. Xinda's inner circle of Flagellants retain the original mission, albeit with updated methods and missions.

The Flagellants

God wishes to punish mankind. Because of their dedication, the Flagellants have been chosen to be His deliverers. They are to bring back the Black Death. With cultures of it stowed away this wasn't hard to implement. However, it wasn't enough. Man knew how to battle it, so the Flagellants need to attack on more than just one front. They plan on contaminating the New World with a multitude of viruses through hundreds of facets. Contaminating food sources, spoiling water tables, dispersing airborne viruses, and plain, old direct contact. Once everyone is sick, the Flagellants can once again spread across the land showing mankind through example the path to salvation.


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