The Royal Snoopae Flying Corps

By Moe Lane


Well, it's like this. There are, indeed, ethereals out there who don't object to the Ban on Earth - they've never known anything different, after all - but they do object, quite strongly, to alien depredations in their homeland.

Angels aren't so bad: arrogant, intolerant, rude - but not so bad. You can reason with angels (except for the Tsayadim, of course). You don't have much choice, unfortunately: they've let their War spill over into the Marches, and they at least want to keep the collateral damage down. Demons, on the other hand... well, let's see. Beleth's slaves relieve their fears by lashing out at everyone else within range, and Nybbas' relieve their feelings of inadequacy by bringing everyone else down to their level. And the less said about Kobal's giggling sociopaths, the better.

Such things may not be borne.


Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 2
Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 4
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 2
Will: 4
Perception: 4

Charisma +2

Skills: Dodge/3, Driving/4 (doghouse), Fighting/3, Knowledge (The Marches/3), Tactics/3

Songs: Banishing (Ethereal/3), Dreams (Corporeal/3), Entropy (Ethereal/3), Shields (Ethereal/3)

This is the basic Snoopy template: there are quite a few of them, actually. Snoopae are made, not born: new ones appear when an ethereal decides to trade a dubious anonymous safety for a line into human belief and the chance to strafe Servitors of Nightmares. There's always enough for a few squadrons or so: when celestials started realizing that there were more than one Snoopy flying around, it was only a matter of time before the name 'Royal Snoopae Flying Corps' began cropping up among the flippant.

Despite their name, most Snoopae work - almost - alone. At this stage of the game, they've simply concentrated on patrolling for suspicious activity. When they find it, they go in. Current tactical doctrine calls for a quick strafing run with Ethereal Entropy, followed by Ethereal Banishing (and wouldn't Heaven and Hell like to know where the Snoopae learned that particular Song). If the enemy is too strong to immediately dislodge, well, inciting them into giving chase often works, too.

Of course, running away is rarer than you might think, thanks to the other ethereal in the team...


Corporeal Forces: 1
Strength: 1
Agility: 3
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 6
Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 2
Will: 2
Perception: 8

Charisma +1

Skills: Fighting/4, Knowledge/3 (The Marches), Engineering/3 (doghouse)

Songs: Dreams (Corporeal/4), Entropy (Ethereal/6), Shields (Ethereal/4)

Woodstocki are the turret gunners (well, nest gunners): they can pack a nasty punch, all things considered, and are quite good at watching their particular Snoopy's back.

Both Snoopae and Woodstocki are fairly idealistic entities, if a bit narrowly defined. Tapping into human cultural motifs like this is usually avoided by most ethereals: the benefits are nice, but extraneous personality traits and motivations tend to go away very quickly. Luckily, the basic template for either type allows for a certain amount of humor and derring-do, so possibly it's not such a bad trade.

The RSFC is not particularly organized. Due to Beleth's increasingly annoyed attention, the group finds it simpler to keep dispersed: while there is a shadowy leader (known just as the 'Head Beagle'), the RSFC is not really led by him (or, possibly, her). Indeed, it is a rare occasion indeed when more than one Snoopy appears in any given battle. The RSFC does not even have an official base of operations, although there are places where a shot-up doghouse can be repaired and a wounded imago can get a breather and a root beer. It's amazing where those places are, really: even domains thought firmly under Hell's thumb might have a well-disguised airstrip or two.

The relationship between the RSFC and Heaven is - complex. These ethereals are scrupulous about never visiting Earth, but they are interfering with human dreamscapes, when all is said and done. However, the fact that they invariably do so when a demon has interfered first usually buys them a fairly blind eye - and, of course, the Archangel of Children can get a bit tiresome on the issue of unnecessarily messing with children's heroes. Things can get messy when an interfering angel is the subject of a punitive raid, though (the Tsayadim can be even more tiresome than Christopher). Unless the rules change, the RSFC won't be painting Blandine's sigil on their vehicles' sides any time soon.


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